Open/Close tab stacking

  • Very absent from Opera 12


  • Agree * 1000 !

    The current Vivaldi process is to move up the mouse on the stack, wait for thumbnails pop-up, move back down the mouse on thumbnail, and select. So long and fastidious when repeated often!

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    My only issue with this is that it is hard to hit the small icon. A better method is needed to expand and collapse tab stacks. The right-click context menu is already too long. Double-click is already used to close tabs.

  • @pesala That's true.
    However, imho it would still be a big improvement:

    • For the moment, the difficulty is present every time we want to display an other tab of the stack.
    • With this feature, it would be the case only when we expand the stack. Then, quick and efficient view as long as we are working on the tabs which are in this stack.

    About the double click, you're right, not easy to find a relevant shortcut. But for people who use double click to close, I assume that in this case they don't use middle click (which does the same thing). It could be a choice between "expand stack double click / close tab middle click" and vice-versa.

  • I am waiting for Opera 11/12 Tab Stacking comeback!

  • @guilimote I would far rather middle-click to see the stack than use middle-click for close tab (the opposite of what it means in every other context!). I hate the stack popup, because it's one of those features that adds hazard zones to your mousing, and it's right between my menu and address bar, and even besides that, it has to be in the tab bar which is entirely buttons. Terrible place for mousing hazard zones!

    I'd be ok with double-click opening the stack view, or with any clicky solution (left click, even, makes fine sense to me) if had "close tab" at the top of the tab context menu.

    What about a long left-click? Switching tabs is ever so slightly faster but it's a good special case tab select input and probably adequately responsive with the right timing.

  • Will be awesome if combine with this:

    Option to Create Tab-stack by Ctrl-clicking or Middle-clicking on Links

  • I miss this feature since the beta of Vivaldi. I thought it would come fast but ...

  • I propose a variation of a feature from 7+ Taskbar Tweaker for Windows:
    If a focused tab belongs to a tab stack, expand this tab stack. While switching to another tab stack, currently focused tab stack gets collapsed, and different tab stack gets expanded.

    An example of how it works with 7+ Taskbar Tweaker:

    a Vivaldi window is focused, so all Vivaldi windows gets ungrouped

    an Explorer window gets focused, so all Explorer windows gets ungrouped, while the Vivaldi windows gets grouped again

    The advantage of this approach is that no keyboard or mouse shortcut is used, so it's intuitive. I really like, how it works with the Tweaker, it's practical.

  • Is there any technical barrier that can not easily be done?
    (sorry XD)

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    @awking I don't imagine that it is a technical difficulty, just a matter of 1000 feature requests not being achievable by a small team of developers working hard to fix bugs and regressions, while also trying to add and test new features.


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