Profile Manager

  • Support for different user data directory profiles with a profile manager.

    Right now I have to use a cmd app to add the user-data-dir argument prior to launching vivaldi, but it would be nice to have one built-in, similar to firefox.exe -p:


  • Moderator

    I'd love it, mainly I could create a "visitor" profile when someone but me to use the browser.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @lonm "vivaldi.exe --profile-directory" offers similar functionality in Chromium. We have no UI in Vivaldi for this yet.

  • @pettern the profiles are more light weight than data directories (and are a close match for what Firefox offers), but it would be nice to have both as options because (if I'm remembering correctly) user data directories have support for multiple active profiles at once whereas I remember someone having issues with multiple profiles at once.

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