Button or Shortcut to Pause Video Player

  • We can mute a tab. But when I have some music playing in a YouTube tab in the background (in a background window) and need to pause, not mute it, I have to find that window, then find that tab and pause the music.
    I'd like to be able to pause the player while using any Vivaldi window, or at least using the window containing the tab.

  • @jkierzkowski Good suggestion - until that is implemented at least you can speed up the search a bit.
    Press "F2" to open the quick command menu than type a term to circle the tab you're searching for - like youtube or the artists name or the song title or whatever else works in your case best.

    Now there should be a list under the section "Tabs" that found related search words in all of your open tabs - regardless what your active window is and in what other window your music is playing. (This also works with private windows btw)

    Just click on the correct entry or hit it with the enter button and the selected tab becomes your new active tab.

  • @zaibon Yes, I know. But actually, finding the tab is not the point. Usually, I know where the tab is and where to click.

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