Option to Change Date and Time Format

  • Option to change date and time format to ISO_8601, independent from selected user interface language. Currently you are stuck with the standard date and time format common for the chosen language. Maybe it would be best to allow users to set this freely.

  • @luetage What should switch too is the start of the week, which is also part of this ISO standard. https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/33644/start-of-the-week-in-history/

  • Another way would be writing the format using special characters (with help in bubble or somewhere near). I found nice list for inspiration here.

  • @potmeklecbohdan You mean letting people set the date and time format by inputting custom code in settings? I'd be fine with it, as your list also includes the ISO format :P, but I wonder… Is this really end-user friendly? I reckon most would be overwhelmed.

  • @luetage It's Vivaldi. Browser for power users. But if you think it'd be better to have short (max 5 items) list of most used formats… OK.

  • @potmeklecbohdan The term power-user is misleading. It's probably appropriate from a marketing standpoint, but the truth is most people don't know what they are doing, even if they consider themselves power-users. But it's clearly not my decision. What I do agree with is letting users set everything custom and there isn't really much needed:

    date day/month/year month/day/year year/month/day
    time 24 hours 12 hours
    first day of the week monday sunday

    Just a few checkboxes really. But I don't mind either way, that's for the Vivaldi devs to decide. What's important is that date and time are being displayed coherently over the whole application and independently from language settings going forward.

  • As a developer who has so many times fought against issues caused by dates in the wrong formats, I've sometimes found some comfort in the fact that I could rely in the locale settings to instruct the client on how to configure his system to make things work the way (s)he wanted to. Or to get some information from the customer's configuration to present things in the way (s)he intended.

    Now if the browser can come on top and ruin all that, no thank you... there are further implications to this other than just the way the dates are displayed. There's lots of parsing code written, for instance, based on the locale of the user agent, you shouldn't let the browser change some of its settings independently and expect the rest of the world to have to figure it out.

    @luetage, there's a lot more than those that you displayed - what about long date formats, the language when you type the months in textual rather than numeric form, using - instead of / as a separator, etc. And if you start messing with dates, pretty soon someone would ask to use the ',' as a decimal separator, even though the system is configured to use the '.' or to display the currency symbol at the left instead of at the right of the number.

    Ideally, there would be a standard for the user agent to pass this format information independently from the locale, but since that doesn't exist, please don't wreck things further than they already are...

  • @pauloaguia My initial feature request is about giving users the choice to display date and time in ISO 8601 standard. It's just stuff that's displayed in the UI. I don't know why you think this information would be automatically available to any third party servers.


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