Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14

  • IRC client (like in O12, including log files, pls)

  • Built-In RSS Reader / Subscriber

  • Hide UI per Window
    Currently, you can have a per-window fullscreen. However if you choose to hide the UI this is global across all windows, which is sometimes not desirable

  • Open New Window (over a link) Mouse Gesture
    Currently the "New tab" and "new background tab" have "over a link" variants. But no such variant exists for "open a link in a new window".

  • Keyboard shortcut for copying the URL from the address bar.

    Especially useful if you're a user who likes to have the address bar hidden.

  • adjustable scroll speed when scrolling with mouse wheel
    (O12 had this in an .ini)

  • Expose theme variables to extensions/webpages
    Would allow for themeing of page userstyles and extensions to match the browser's theme.

  • Customisable Toolbars

  • Make link hover status info appear next to mouse
    If i'm hovering over a link I would like to be given immediate feedback of what it is I'm about to click. It would be nice to have the option of making this appear next to the mouse cursor rather than in a ticker at the bottom of the page.

  • Show extended connection info in status bar
    Gif displaying firefox's implementation: 0_1506701214385_GIF.gif

  • Built in support for userstyles
    Add functionality such as that offered by the "stylish", and similar, extensions. Allow custom stylesheets to be injected to certain webpages.

  • Full Context menu in panels
    Currently, the context menu in panels only contains a subset of the items that would normally be found on a regular tab page. It should show all options.

  • Full mouse gesture support in web panels
    Right now if you perform a mouse gesture in a panel (e.g. reload) it is applied to the currently active tab.

  • Full mouse gesture support in speed dial
    Right now if you perform an "over a link" mouse gesture in a panel (e.g. open in new tab (over a link)) it does not work on speed dials, because they are divs not links.

  • Fullscreen mode with address bar
    Fullscreen means make the browser fill the screen, not hide controls as well. If we also wanted to hide the controls,we use the "toggle UI" function. The address bar and panels should be visible in full screen mode if the user so chooses

  • Allow any theme to be used in reader view
    Currently the Reader view offers 3 themes: light, dark, and current browser theme. It would be nice to be able to access any of the browser themes, so that you could customise one to match your reading preference while keeping it separate from the browser's overall style.

  • Automatically attempt to make HTTPS connections
    Some sites are already set up to use HSTS, but unfortunately not all. If a webpage is accessed over HTTP, make an attempt to see if it can be accessed over HTTPS and re-route. Similar to functionality offered by "HTTPS Everywhere" and other Secure Transport Enforcer extensions.

  • Shortcut for closing currently open panel
    Right now, if I want to use a keyboard shortcut or mouse gesture to close the currently open panel, my only options are:

    • Use the shortcut for that exact panel (and inherent in that, create and maintain shortcuts for each web panel)

    • Hide the panel sidebar completely.

    There is no generic "close the currently open panel" option that does not also hide the panel bar completely.

  • Support for Speed Dial Thumbnail Packs
    Currently, if a user wants to share icons with someone else, they have to upload a zip, and then a user has to manually specify the thumbnails for each and every dial. I would find it more interesting if there was some way of "applying" a speed dial thumbnail pack.

    E.g. It's a zip folder, and the thumbnails are named like "vivaldi.net.png" or something similar. Then, when the zip folder is "applied", the speed dial thumbs are automatically set with the associated image.

  • More Intelligent cross-site content permissions
    For things like iframes, sockets, javascript - things that communicate to other pages than the one you are currently on, it would be nice to get more fine-grained permissions. So that, for example one could:

    • Allow only 1st party javascript on the domain, block 3rd party
    • Allow certain 3rd party scripts to be loaded on certain websites
    • Whitelist certain CDNs to always allow scripts to be loaded from them

    Effectively, functionality similar to "Noscript", "ScriptJäger" and other such extensions


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