Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14

  • Remember last upload location for each website

    This is a Firefox feature I'm missing in Vivaldi. When I want to upload a file to a website, the file browser should point to the local folder from where the last upload took place for that specific website.

    Background: For each customer of our company we run an individual Web instance with a separate subdomain. On a daily basis our team is uploading customer specific data stored in local customer folders to the corresponding system.

    It would save some annoying clicks if Vivaldi would remember the last upload location for each website.

    I'm currently using Vivaldi 1.13 on Windows 10.

  • Please give us 2 options to make Tab Cycling behave differently when using the Mouse or Keyboard based on the usual "Left to Right" or "Recently Used Order" options...right now it's the same whether using Mouse or Keyboard...

  • We are wasting 4 shortcuts for tiling pages and remembering which one does which is hard => We should use a cycler shortcut (like "Shift + T") to cycle between the four stages : Vertical, Horizontal, Grid, No Tile.
    This not only makes users familiar with the other alternative tiling options available to them but also may help them find the best tiling option for their pages instead of focusing on one...

  • Opera/Chrome-like Classic Bookmark Manager ( seperate folder tree in bookmarks manager). It may has preview panel and metadata)

    alt text

  • Option to add notes with "Full page screenshots" or just "Normal page height" screenshots. right now it only adds Normal height screenshots and if we need full page screenshots we have to take them and attach them to the note manually...

  • Please add more options for "Background Image Options".

    Right now we only have "Scale to Fit" and "Repeat" options and with a vast array of different background images, some new options such as the ones Windows 10 delivers would be really helpful...

  • Centering bookmark bar

    When you use the bookmak bar, an option should automaticaly center the icons : 0_1511343492885_im1.png

    • more esthetic, particularly when window is enlarged
    • more ergonomic, the look is more often focalized on the center of a window and on the opened web page

  • I know this may be far fetched but here it goes:

    Edge-like Smooth Scrolling...

    The smooth scrolling in Chrome really sucks...

    • being able to change the size of tiled tab

  • Improve download dialogue (show file type icon)

    Opera 12.18:


    Firefox 57:


  • being able to edit file name (include extension), save path and download url of downloading file

  • Open links from web panel to the current tab web area
    It should be an option for new browsering way I think : when you open a page in a web panel, its links clicked, open into the same web panel, losing in the same time the first page opened ; preferably an option with on/off icon beside web panel title, should make link click to open the link not in the panel web page but in the current tab. In this way, you can easily see a list of links from the web panel page (like search result page from youtube, every search engine, or simply page with a lot of interesting links like wikipedia page) ; it would reduce the need of tab opening (and so the management of a lot of tabs)


  • Pop-up menu for select text like opera

    alt text

  • Several specific startpage/new tab urls with showing policy

    Now only one custom page url can be entered for start page or new tab page. I think interesting to add several ones. A customisable policy should select each one : this policy could select one after one, or according to a time lap, or according to each browser start, or randomly... This solution allows to follow famous pages, and could be the way to see various image-a-day sites like these from nasa, or interfacelift.com which are enriched image background solution for instance.

  • Extension Manager in new tab speed-dial and side panel

    alt text
    alt text

  • Tab locking/protecting to prevent accidental closure without pinning to the left or iconizing.

    Useful for extended work or while typing long texts. May be replace the close X with a lock icon.

  • Allow bookmark wildcards with %s variable in URL field like in Firefox.

    Behaves like a regular search engine, virtually allowing managing, organizing, and exporting search engines right along bookmarks.

  • Speed-dial: being able to change url of entries ( currently it can only be changed in bookmark manager)

  • Proper bookmark export/backup to bookmarks.html keeping complete data like nicknames, comments, descriptions and other fields intact.

    Preferably in a Mozilla compatible format for easy interchange, like using the using the SHORTCUTURL="**" property for nicknames.

  • open multiple links if more than one link is selected

    (if more than one link is selected, the context menu should contain an additional option to "open all links in tabs")


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