Issue: Shortcut don't work - Inspect Tool of the developer-tools

  • Important: New details, please look into the end of this post!

    I've the same issue like the user in this topic.

    I want to use the inspect shortcut to toggle the inspect-tool from the developer-tools.

    What is the inspect-tool and how you can access it
    With this shortcut you can instantly inspect an element and get the position of the selected element in the DOM-Tree of the developer-tools.
    In Windows this shortcut called with the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+C. On a MAC you should call this shortcut with CMD+SHIFT+C.
    (You can also see the shortcut by hovering the inspect-icon top-left in the opened developer-tools)*

    But I don't get this shortcut to work with Vivaldi. I'm used with this shortcut since Firefox, tested it in Chrome (where it also works) and now want to use it in Vivaldi.

    When I press CMD+SHIFT+C, nothing happens.

    First idea was that it could be already used by a keyboard-shortcut and I was right, something about notes used this shortuct and I removed it. Looked if a extension (umatrix, tempermonkey, ublock, lastpass) used this shortcut, also no.

    But still, nothing happens when I press these keys to toggle the inspect-tool.

    Any idea, how to solve/fix that?

    New details: Thanks to QuHno and some tests we found out some new details related to this issue.

    1. It isn't platform related.
    2. You've to click everytimes into the dev-tool-panel/popup, otherwise the shortcut/hotkey will not be recognized.

    So with this workaround it works on the half way. But this keyboard-shortcut should be getting recognized outside of the developer-tool-panel, too. Otherwise the user would be forced to click everytimes into the panel, just to use the shortcut again (would be a strange usability).

    So it seems, it is a slight usability bug.

  • Seems like Vivaldi hasn't implemented them yet. File a bugreport.

  • Thanks for the bug-report hint, I wrote one and will update this thread about the status of the bug-report.

    In the other topic Gwen-Dragon wrote that this shortcut works again for Windows. So we just have to wait until the Vivaldi developers will fix this for the OSX-Build, too.

    For myself this is a really necessary function. Developing is my main-task in browsers and because Firefox restricting itself and losing all benefits, I decided to change to an Webkit-Alternative, where Vivaldi fits with thanks to the the integrated gestures my personal needs.

  • Checkout version 57 Quantum, you will be surprised. Sort of dropped FF on mac because of cumbersome performance and ridiculous start-up times. Tried out the DevEd and it feels fast and good. Not good enough to switch and leave Vivaldi, but it good to have an alternative for Chromium/Webkit browsers as Safari is not moving on that fast.

  • Safari? Safari is primarily used on mobile, don't think a relevant amount of people is using it on the desktop. And what's the big upside of Quantum? Please don't say speed 😛

  • Speed!

  • @detlevski
    OK.... not Speed.... It's deepS.

  • @detlevski You don't know much about browsers it seems. I downloaded Quantum and took it for a spin. It has an interesting implementation of a sidebar function without the need to display a permanent and actual bar. The interface can be customized quite easily and theming is already implemented. The one thing that's a clear upside compared to Vivaldi are the excellent developer tools, and this has been the same with the old FF. You can subscribe to feeds with a live bookmark feature, but I haven't quite put the time in to figure out how this works exactly, or probably don't care enough.

    Overall there's more to mention, but truly, anywhere you see users talk about browsers it's always speed speed speed. I'm tired of it.

    Edit: One more thing -- and this is really telling. You can pin tabs, and when you restart the browser the pinned tabs survive, without having set the browser to restore sessions. Imo it's a no brainer to handle it like this -- and Vivaldi used to do it too -- until we lost this functionality. Thumbs up to Mozilla for staying sane.

  • @Topic: The issue is solved half-ways. For more details please look into the first post in this thread again.

    @luetage : You don't have to like it. But it's a fact the many casual mac-users using Safari. It's the same issue like Windows with his preinstalled Edge browser (or IE in the past).

    @DETLEVSKI : Sure, I tested the Quantum-Beta before. That is also the reason why I decided to switch now to a Webkit based browser. One of my most important workflows are mouse-gestures and because Vivaldi supports them also on internal/plugin pages, I set up my decision on Vivaldi.

    With the Quantum Update (Version 57), Mozilla will disable the old extension-architecture and remove it complete in following updates. Many unique extension like NoScript, QuickSearchBar, TileView and so on will not work anymore and can't ported to the new extension-architecture, because this one is almost as much restricted like the one of webkit.

    And to think about, who much problems will appear for Firefox with such a downgrade and restrictions, I decided myself to switch to a webkit one. (currently Vivaldi)

    I just hope that the developers of Vivaldi will fix such issues like the one of this topic quickly. I develope really much and would like not getting forced to use Firefox/Chrome for that matters.

  • Browsers are a matter of personal choice and privacy. There are good reasons to use Safari when you are using a laptop and have a better battery life.

    @luetage "You don't know much about browsers it seems", I work 85% of my time in browsers. Ok your opinion about FF is clear, the dev tools are good and I like to leave all options open. It is a good thing to have another rendering engine/browser available. I dread the day I would have to use Google, not because the browser is bad, but because I still respect my privacy, a reason why we are all here to discuss Vivaldi.

    New extensions will come and will probably run better. I think we are on the Vivaldi Mac forum here? How many times did Apple throw functionality overboard and left people complaining and later admit it was actually an improvement? Like for instance the switch to UNIX? Besides that I have a historical binding with FF, it was FF that made an end to MS Explorer shit domination. I think we can all agree on that.

  • You forget that only around 8% of people are using macOS on the desktop in the first place. Safari really doesn't matter because everyone is on Windows. Mobile is a whole other beast -- and that's the only reason why Safari matters. Although iOS is losing more ground to Android as time goes by. Maybe it won't be much more than 8% either when things settle down during the next decade. Still, mobile user base will continue to outgrow the desktop world.

  • @detlevski said in Issue: Shortcut don't work - Inspect Tool of the developer-tools:

    I work 85% of my time in browsers.

    That's nice, and yet when asked, the only thing you could bring yourself to mumble was -- "speed". I had to download the browser and try myself, because you couldn't provide any insight.

  • @DETLEVSKI: What do you mean, with switching to Unix. Wasn't MacOS unix-based the whole time? Or did you talked about the change between the PowerPC architecture to Intel? I'm curious.

    The point with the throwing functions overboard is true half-ways. What they really throw away was the permission-repair (now only accessable with third-party software), or introducing SIP which forces power-users to turn this off, otherwise they wouldn't be able to inject code in their applications.

    @luetage said in Issue: Shortcut don't work - Inspect Tool of the developer-tools:

    Safari really doesn't matter because everyone is on Windows.

    You can't use such a analogy to compare the value between such applications. Otherwise we could compare the value between MacOS and Linux as a desktop operating system and say: "Linux desktops doesn't matter because of MacOS" or "Linux and MacOS doesn't matter because of Windows.".

    As power-user I prefer also Firefox/Chrome/Vivaldi over Safari, because I prefer customization for workflow optimization. But Safari has still his benefits for casual users, who just don't want to bother with such details power-users seek. It runs fast like every Webkit browser, fully integrated and compatible with the OS (saves batter-life) and supports all Apple services without big configuration.

    For power-users and especially for web-developers and designers Safari is also the perfect test-candidate! Where modern browsers try to correct wrong code to much, so they can still show the page. Safari is hyper-sensitive and shows your errors without restraint. Perfect for mobile-optimization, if a responsive layout looks and works good in Safari, it will also work perfectly fine with all others.

  • Update: Vivaldi Snapshot 1.13.1002.4 supports and recognizes the command
    If this will remain in the final release too, then this topic can be closed.

    Update: Developer-Tools should focus when opened
    The developer-tools should be focused when opened via shortcut.
    In my case F12, by default CMD+SHIFT+I. If then a developer-tools related shortcut called, it should work. For this the developer-tools-panel needs to focus when toggled.

  • Sad, that this issue seems still not solved.
    This makes Vivaldi for development compared to Firefox, Chrome and Safari still a bad choice.

    Version: Vivaldi 2.4.1488.35 (Stable channel) (64-Bit)
    OS: MacOS 10.14.5

  • Moderator

    @novek Can you give me the bug report number please for a check of state of bug?

  • Sorry, currently at work and not certain if I've opened a bug-report already, but two new discoveries regarding this issue:

    1. cmd+shift+i (or in my case F12 keybinding) still doesn't autofocus the developer-tools, so none of the developer-tools shortcuts work, until you haven't clicked into the dev-tools frame to give focus to it.

    2. At least the new Inspect-Keybinding from Vivaldi Preferences it self working now which was/is the most important feature of this tool and makes me personally happy.

    So I'm happy now, because point 2 was the mist important thing I missed here and got solved.

    Thanks and good work to the developers!

  • Moderator

    @novek I can confirm this on Windows and Linux, in Chromium the Developer Tools have focus after F12. I'll check the bugtracker now.

    Is related to cpnfirmed bug VB-53839 "Devtools console lacks keyboard focus"

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