Inspect element instantly as in chromium with Ctr + shift + C

  • Its great to see the enhancement in the latest vivaldi versions, One thing I really love about chromium based browsers is the handy CTR+Shift+C shortcut launching the inspector while selecting the currently hovered item in the DOM. For a web developer once you get used to this shortcut its indispensible. Basically this is the only reason I still don't use Vivaldi as my default browser. But maybe i just missed some trick ???

  • Try ctrl+shift+I; if you don't like that combo, go to settings->keyboard->scroll down to developer tools and add the keyboard shortcut that you want….
    Hope that helped~ ;)

  • I think he looked for a way to toggle the inspect-tool by the shortcut, not the developer-tools itself.

    I've a similar issue on mac. (this topic)

    I just post this information here, because I found this topic via Google and who knows, maybe my issue and his issue aren't OS related.

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    Ctrl+Shift+C works in Developer Tools activated in 1.12 Stable and 1.13 Snapshot.

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