Vivaldi 1.6RC 2 - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.6.689.32

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    As Ayespy written below, it is Chromium strings, and we can not translate, because we dont have access to them. But it is working on it :wink:

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    Hmm … seems we are not keeping track of page title changes in our web panels, so indeed this cannot work anyway (until we fix that).

  • I had my passwords disappearing in recent snapshots as mentioned. The problem was Vivaldi wouldn't let me save passwords either. Always asked to save them but never actually did. Only reseting the profile fixed it. The latest snapshot (as mentioned in article) deleted all my passwords again. I wouldn't care if it weren't for the fact that Vivaldi doesn't save them again either. Since it's just a name change, is there a way I can rename the storage manually so Vivaldi can save to it again? osx 10.11.6

    Edit: I read in the comments about the chrome safe storage change. I just renamed the new chrome storage and put the old one in its place – now the passwords work again and I can even safe new ones. The privacy settings window still doesn't show any saved passwords at the moment, but it's still a better fix than reseting profile again...

  • plizzzzzzzzzzzz - VB-19154

  • [Regression][Linux][macOS] Vivaldi using the wrong key storage/ my passwords are missing (VB-24078)

    Though I can confirm this has been fixed on Linux, this is still an issue on macOS (10.11.6 El Capitan)

  • Can the Alt + Scroll Up/Down behaviour be changed to be different than Ctrl + Tab? If not, count that as a feature request - I'd like to have for example Ctrl + Tab cycle tabs in activation order and Alt + Scroll Up/Down to mimic scrolling on the tab bar.

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    The only thing that I can confirm is that my Vivaldi install is using "Chrome Safe Storage" again. I just tried deleting "Chromium Safe Storage" from my Keychain to see if Vivaldi would break and it still seems to be okay. However, I also purged my profile a few days ago so my instance of "Chrome Safe Storage" was created by this snapshot.

  • Vivaldi will never be in its final form and that's a good thing!

  • Hello everyone! About time to create a profile, huh

    It looks like Vivaldi 1.6 may have already been promoted to the Stable channel somehow since some minutes, take a look at this link for instance (Windows 64-bit build). Wouldn't mind some blogpost or some official confirmation before manually upgrading "my" Vivaldi 1.5 :)

    By the way, thanks for providing such a feature-rich and elegant browser, keep up the good work!

    P.S: Sorry if I somehow didn't respect some rules with such a post.

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    I don't know what stage you're at in building the next snapshot but Google released a Chrome-stable update (55.0.2883.95) for macOS to fix some renderer crashes.

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    Your enthusiasm is commendable but it's not appropriate to share links such as this here. Vivaldi wants to get v1.6 out the door ASAP and may have pre-built that binary for release if this snapshot was deemed stable. When v1.6 is ready, they won't waste any time announcing its availability.

  • I know this is off the beaten path, but how about a little love for the broken Internet Download Manager extension on YouTube? It should be as simple as finding out why it works without fail in private mode, but works once and ONLY once when the browser is launched conventionally. TIA.

  • Starting with the previous update (so on this one as well), I'm noticing a weird issue on some (but not all) HTML5 video content. It's a kind of flicker especially on high contrast features (like white text on black background). It reminds me of how the interlaced graphics mode looked on the Amiga ;) I've seen it on YouTube and on Twitch so far. Here's one random video that has the issue.

    It's very visible if you skip to the loading screen at around 0:30 in the video.

    Oh, and only Vivaldi does that - tried both the current Opera and Firefox and it's fine there.

  • Thumbnail tabs are still blank when starting Vivaldi using the New tab page. This was (re)introduced in the 1.5 branch.

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    The mouse cursor is still disappearing from the Save As.. dialogue when I download a file.

    1. Run any video in fullscreen
    2. Exit fullscreen mode
    3. Download a file and use Save As..
    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 7 64-bit β€’ Snapshot 1.6.689.32

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    @Cqoicebordel and I pinged developers on this.

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  • Maybe should file as bug but my main issue at the moment is no matter what I do I can not make Vivaldi my default browser. Currently I am running Gentoo Linux 4.8.14 with the i3 wm as my DE. I have tried using xdg-settings and update-alternatives. I even installed LXQT and tried to make Vivaldi the default through it. Firefox has never had this issue.

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    Thanks very much, to you both!

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    Yeah. They already knew, of course. :)

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