Vivaldi 1.6RC 2 - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.6.689.32

  • I learned to always push F5 when I do =)

  • Hi! F-Secure protection is not working in the bank Vivaldi browser. Chrome works. In our flag can be set? Thanks for the reply.

  • I believe this is a regression from v1.5 which is:

    Extension notification / pop-ups are greyed / blacked out when they should have a white background with black border.

    This has been an issue for me with the last 2+ Snapshots and this latest snapshot doesn't fix the issue.

    P.S. At least Dashlane's extension works correctly now as it didn't work when the LastPass update rolled out but seems to be fixed with the last and current Snapshot which makes me happy :)

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    I see.

  • Vivaldi Team

    It actually already works in the panels. You can confirm this for yourself by creating a HTML page with a title like the following and add it as a panel:

    <title>(1) example page with one notification</title>

    In the real world though you will be hard pushed to find a social media or messaging service that actually shows notifications in the panel. The reason is that we present ourselves as a mobile browser when requesting websites via the panel. This is done to help ensure that we get a page that works well within the panel format. However, none of the major social media or messaging services we have checked put these numbers in their titles when there pages are requested from a mobile client. Presumably as people use tabs differently on a mobile.

    You could, from the panel request the pages are delivered in desktop form and then the feature will work but you will probably not have a copy of the site that works well in a panel. Thus, while we do have support for panels in real life you are unlikely to benefit from it.

    So why did we add support? For completion and because it will probably be handy for a few users somewhere using a service that does this numbering even when a mobile user agent is presented.

    EDIT: It seems on further testing that we are not keeping track of page title updates in panels anyway. Until that is fixed this feature could not work in panels even if you do opt to present a desktop user agent.

  • I love reading RC on snapshot builds <3 (I say without irony ^^)

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    And because now, we can push those websites to change their behavior :)

  • Vivaldi Team

    The one you requested as a desktop version should have worked. We'll look into that. Panels notification is not well tested as it generally won't work for most given the reasons I outlined in my other reply.

  • Even though it's still a dev version, I wonder why it crashes entirely while watching YouTube videos (AVC1)?

  • I'm watching YT videos even at 60fps all evening, no crash at all.

  • Please fix random interface flickering on Mac when loading pages or switching tabs. VB-23968
    1.4 did't have this problem till I upgraded to 1.5

    • macOS 10.12.1

  • Start up speed is finally good enough to use as my main browser although it's still the slowest out of all the browsers tested however. It moved from over 5 seconds to 3, it's not perfect but it's fast enough that I don't feel like I'm waiting

  • Google+ sharing links no longer playing nice - not working. Hope this is fixed and that someday, I will actually be able to see passwords in Vivaldi (Mac).

  • Bugs …win 10 pro.... latest version Vivaldi...

    Clear private data dialog from the Tools menu still not remembering the choices i made.... but it is functions properly.

    it is intended or it is for further releases or fix?

  • e.g. those you see in the context menu if you right-click on a link, like "Open Link in New Tab" and some others in any language but English ;)

  • I still have to experience a crash on YT, but as there are literally billions of videos that come in in various sizes, encodings etc. pp. the same as probably a gazillion of different computer configurations:

    • Can you provide video URLs that crash the browser reliably enough so that the crash can be reproduced by others?
    • Any special YT settings (format, subtitles etc. pp.)?
    • Does it happen with a clean profile too?
    • On which OS and hardware?

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    The Vivaldi clear private data function will be further developed. It's not in its final form.

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    It's a known issue and the Vivaldi devs confirmed that the feature is still a work-in-progress. Vivaldi had to put focus on other issues during the v1.5 cycle, and the v1.6 cycle was compressed in order to get back in sync with the Chromium release calendar. Hopefully we'll see enhancements to the Clear Private Data UI in the near future.

    Until then, the old Chromium "Clear Browsing Data…" UI is also still available under the History tab of the Start Page.

  • You can use the chrome extension Streamkeys. It worked pretty well last time I tried it and has support for a lot of the major sites.

  • "It moved from over 5 seconds to 3, it's not perfect but it's fast enough that I don't feel like I'm waiting"

    Unfortunately it's much slower for me, but that might be due to the various extensions and panels I have. Definitely the slowest browser for me as well by quite a margin. Especially when you consider that even Photoshop starts faster then it's a problem.

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