Snapshot 1.1.443.3 - New tab options

  • May be plug in fault but for some reason Viv isn't seeing my default PDF program. It is there and enabled but doesn't load. Tried it with both Viv viewer on and off doesn't change .Looked in PDF Editor and it is correctly setup as default. I'll contact vendor when I have time.

  • Speaking of tabs, how about working on the performance when switching tabs. On slower machines it's tragic, ~1sec to switch to the speeddial tab… other tabs a little better.
    Overall ui performance is weak, a lot better than in the beginning but still poor.
    Cold start is also slow.
    The ui responsiveness was the main reason why i wouldn't move to firefox and vivaldi is even worse in that matter...

  • Vivaldi Translator

    They are not Chrom*, they are not planning to release a big number release every six weeks ;)
    I don't think mail will be there shortly though…

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Hello guys, you start again.

    There is a new problem with bookmarks, you can not edit them. When you press Enter to confirm the change, the focus shifts from the edit field to the bookmark.

    Win 8.1 64bit
    Vivaldi 64bit

    PS: There are always these reeds:

    • Drag & drop of URLS to bookmarks does not work;
    • If you open with the middle mouse button a folder that has a subfolder is also open bookmarks subfolder;
    • If you open with the middle mouse button to a folder, the bookmarks do not open in the same order in which they appear in the folder;
    • You can put a box to choose whether to lift the limit of 20 bookmarks opened with the middle mouse button on a folder?


  • Anyone know how to get SmartRSS to work or a worthwhile alternative maybe? It's been broken for me in the last few builds.


    Latest version seems to be working now, good to know.

  • Add a mode of reading, like Firefox, or the former extension Evernote Cleary
    Vivaldi is now my default browser! Thank you for this wonderful browser!
    Speed Dial this perfect! :D


  • How is it that the focus stealing bug is not #1 on the todo list and even 1.0 was released with this majorly annoying issue…

  • Anyone else having trouble watching facebook videos sometimes? And gifs don't work at all. This has been happening for several builds now for me.

    Win 10/Vivaldi 64bit

  • Moderator

    anyone from brazil could check if is possible to buy tickets here ?

    because when I click on "finalizar a compra" after I fill all the infos, nothing happens. I have a extension that changes the UA so I changed to IE10 and the "finalizar a comprar" button works.

  • First of all, congrats on release!
    There is only one thing that could make me happier - fix of this annoying autocomplete bug:
    1. Start tying search term into address field lets say:
    2. Vivaldi immediately starts suggesting autocompletion based on bookmarks and other stuff - lets say "tomcat 7 gzip"
    3. In all other browsers I tried:

    • enter skips autocompletion and sends only typed text to search
    • tab autocompletes text based on first suggestion
      4. In Vivaldi sends first autocomplete suggestion to search - this completely ruins my inner peace.

  • I think this is great, Opera and Vivaldi can compete to be better browser. :)

  • Umpteenth!!

  • Just curious … what does this mean?

    "Can not execute bookmarklets by nick from quick commands (VB-12691)"

    I see no change at all with Quick Commands and bookmark nickname performance from the Final 1.0 to this new snapshot.

    I was hoping you were re-instituting the turbo-bookmark capability Vivaldi once had in earlier snapshots and which the old Opera-presto always had. (Turbo bookmarks meaning that once a unique bookmark-nickname letter combination was entered, the browser would immediately launch the bookmark without the need to press 'enter.')

  • Bookmark editing problem confirmed with the 32-bit Vivaldi on 64-bit Windows 8.1. Mind you, if you edit the URL and then select the fields below (Description, etc), then the edit sticks.

  • Sadly it's true. The main problem for me is the UI performances but IMHO there's not very much they can do to improve since Vivaldi is based on Chromium + React … well, you could even consider Vivaldi not a browser but a benchmark XD

  • So is it me, or is searching from the URL field broken? If I enter "test" in the field, I get this "This site can’t be reached

    test’s server DNS address could not be found.

  • Bookmarklets, not bookmarks. Bookmarklets are bookmarks with "javascript:" followed by JavaScript code in the URL, which gets executed on the current page when clicked.

  • First of all, I'm happy to be "beyond final". Vivaldi guys are awesome and I'm happy to set Vivaldi as my main browser now on.

    I'd also like to suggest (beg for) something that will vastly improve the experience of all Vivaldi users, no matter their preferences: It is a better user interface consistency. There are some dialogs that show no coherence with Vivaldi's freakin' awesome UI, for instance that one that asks if you want to save a new password, or that another for clearing browsing data, and internal pages also need a make up: every time those dialogs are shown the first thinking is "chromium".

    UI consistency is important because it ultimately makes users feel more confident and confortable with a given piece of software. :)

  • Vivaldi (32bit) crashes in combination with Whispersystems' "Signal" Chrome app.
    Sending&receiving messages works fine, but as soon as I click an image in a chat thread to view it in large zap Vivaldi crashes. Maybe a "Signal" beta side effect.
    I hope the feedback helps.
    To Vivaldi in general? two thumbs up!!

  • That's interesting. So what features are Vivaldi planning to release into their version 1.1 release? I don't see any information of any planned features on there. Do you think they will at least do a new release every few months, if they're doing a 1.1 release instead of 2.0?

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