Snapshot 1.1.443.3 - New tab options

  • A new preference to open links within a tab stack has been added

    Wow!!!! Thank you!!!!

  • Am I the only one who's not having search suggestions ?

  • Have you tried unchecking "Open bookmarks in new tab" ?

  • Thanks for the new tab options and the "keyboard shortcut to rule them all"!

    I have a small suggestion regarding the "keyboard shortcut to rule them all": I would like to see a visual clue somewhere in the UI, which shows whether the keyboard shortcuts are disabled or not. This is for cases where I leave Vivaldi open for a few hours and do not know anymore if the keyboard shortcuts were disabled. The shortcuts are namely disabled for every tab. If it was disabled for one tab, an indicator is not necessary.

  • tried, it opens links we click in new tab. Not from quick launch, which leaves a speed dial window unnecessarily open, which we need to close each time

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I don't really understand what this extension do.
    Right now, you can search in whatever search engine you want in the URL bar by adding its shortcut. For example, entering "b search term" will launch a search on Bing, while "d search term" search on DuckDuckGo. Of course they can be changed, and of course you can add yours.
    Does this fill you requirements ?

  • What files did you delete? I want to try it too.

  • Will we be able to pin tab stacks at some point? That, mail and sync are some of my more wanted features.

  • Can you please allow keyboard shortcuts for Ctrl+PageUp (previous tab), Ctrl+PageDown (next tab), and Ctrl+Number (open tab #). Trying to set Ctrl+PageUp/Down to the previous and next tab shortcuts also scrolls the page when the shortcut is used.

  • Moderator

    I am making a clean start with the 64-bit version. I deleted all of my user data. It's easy enough to import data from Opera 12.17 and assign a few shortcuts again.

  • Moderator


    We have already begun the work towards version 1.1!

    great! we are moving fast!

  • Can you allow having downloads show on a download bar instead of on a panel? It really feels to me like the panel is the one part of the browser the user has no customization over. Also, can a page be added for notes, so the panel doesn't have to be used? Also, will there ever be a panel for history, extensions, and maybe even settings? Can there also be an option to auto hide different parts of the interface, like the Firefox extension Beyond Australis (previously The Fox, Only Better)? And can there be an option to switch the locations of "Open in New Tab" and "Open in Background Tab" in the link context menu?
    Sorry for all the requests, but there are several things in Vivaldi that annoy me but can be improved upon.

  • Small bug: The dinosaur game from Chromium doesn't render correctly. If you aren't aware of the dinosaur game, you can access it by going offline, loading a webpage and pressing space on the "Your computer is offline" page.

  • That doesn't work for me. I wish it would work like Opera tabs.


  • Hmmm the last time I asked for mail, I got the answer, that I can be sure, that it is in the first beta. Now we have 1.0 out and I hoped, that after that first release, mail wll be introduced in the snapshots. Unfotunately there is still nothing to see. That's a little bit sad. Even when the browser itself is developing more and more into a real replacement for good old opera.

  • Because everything below the tab is probably part of the tab and the address bar is a global element in Vivaldi.
    There are other browsers who are using different concepts where each tab has it's own address bar. There you wouldn't be able to put the bar above the tabs.
    That's my guess why it isn't that easy to "just" put it below the tabs. It's not just a question of positioning. It's a question of UI logistic and behavior.

  • Nope

  • On my laptop with touchscreen, I can't scroll pages by touchscreen. Is it common for all or it's just my problem? Touchscreen scrolling works fine in other browsers

  • From a quick look Lastpass seems to be working fine again, so thanks for that!

  • "Typing too fast leads to incorrect auto complete (VB-14639)"

    This bug might have returned, or maybe in another form? In the last few snapshots I noticed that sometimes when typing too fast e.g. to search for something on google re-opens the page I am currently on. Had it happen in this build as well

    Vivaldi 64bit, Win 10

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