How to move "Search in page" bar to the bottom?

  • Hello *, is there any way to move the "Search in page" bar to the bottom of Vivaldi window so that the web page is not shifted down when that bar appears? Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

  • +1, I also would like to know that…

  • @vladimirg:

    +1, I also would like to know that…

    Indeed, it's rather annoying that the page shifts when the bar appears.

    In Gecko browsers I can move it by adding plain CSS code to userChrome.css, but I'm still learning how Vivaldi customization works.

    I've spent 2 hours before discovering that I can change the fake titlebar background color by adding a custom.css file in Vivaldi folder… :P

  • There's a customization thread.

    Likely you can find a solution there, or at least you can ask to people expert on such things.

  • I've asked there.

    I'll report the answer here, if there will be one.

  • .find-in-page {margin-top:auto;}
    .find-in-page~.internal-page>div, .find-in-page~.webpage webview { top: 0;}

  • @admm:

    .find-in-page {margin-top:auto;}
    .find-in-page~.internal-page>div, .find-in-page~.webpage webview { top: 0;}

    It works.

    Thanks! :)

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