Pinned tabs immediately forgotten

  • For the life of me, I cannot get Vivaldi to remember my pinned tabs. I'll pin a bunch of tabs, close the window, and then open a new one. All my pinned tabs will be gone. How on earth do I get pinned tabs to persist from one window to another?

  • Seconded.

    Also Pinned Tabs cab be browsed away from via the URL bar. This is not desired behavior. A pinned tab should be protected and a new tab should open.

    Mac OSX version 1.0

  • Have gone back to Chrome because of this issue. Shame, as other than this big problem I was enjoying Vivaldi.

  • I just tried the latest build and I still cannot get pinned tabs to persist between windows. Pin a tab, close the window, open a new window, no pinned tab.

    Would still love to use Vivaldi but this is still a deal-breaker for me. Any instructions on how to get pinned tabs to stay?

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    Never seen this. Are your pinned tabs set to be "deletable?" What platform are you on? What is your startup option? What actual version number? (there are two "latest" versions)

  • Mac OS (hence the Mac forum :P).

    Startup option is currently "Last session".

    Not sure what the version number was when I made that post, but it's now 1.2. (1.2.490.43 () (64-bit))

    Not sure what you mean by set to "deletable." The "Pinned Tabs" setting is set to "Don't close pinned tabs."

    Problem persists. Maybe I'm not understanding how pinned tabs are intended to work, but I can't see any possible use for them if I have to re-pin them every time I open a new window/re-open the browser.

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    It appears there is something corrupted in your profile. You can refresh it by renaming the "Default" folder as found in menu/help/about (with Vivaldi closed of course). If that fixes it, you can than move your bookmarks, favicons, login data, cookies etc. back into the NEW Default folder that Vivaldi creates on re-opening Vivaldi. DO NOT move any extensions back over - but rather re-install them newly one at a time and test after each install to ensure that one of them has not caused the unwanted behavior to return.

  • Hi! Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I completely forgot about this until just now! Unfortunately this did not fix the problem.

  • This needs resolved for me as well. I switched over to this from Firefox, and love it. Other than this bug. It really needs resolved, as this impairs my day starting out. As a sysadmin, I have a good number of local management tabs open.

  • Hi, I am also having the same issue and it's really annoying. I love Vivaldi and think that you guys have done a great job so far, but every time that the browser is restarted, all previously open tabs, including pinned tabs, are lost. General settings are set to restore all tabs left open and keep prevent pinned tabs from closing. Note that this only happens when the whole operative system (in my case, Mac Sierra 10.12.2) is restarted. It does not happen if Vivaldi is closed and then reopened again. Thankfully I am using the One Tab extension and the last time I did save before restart, but should I forget to do it next time, I know I am going to lose all open tabs, which is very annoying. And there is no way to prevent pinned tabs from being lost, every time there is a system restart. This is really big deal! Updated Vivaldi to 1.6.689.40. Also using other extensions including Lastpass (which is known for causing problems sometimes). I hope this can be solved without following the instructions above because it sounds like a lot of work, and the whole point of using Vivaldi is because it's more user friendly compared to others. I really hope it will be resolved soon. Thanks

  • Guys, any update on this? I've just lost all my tabs again, while doing a system restart. If there is no way to address this issue or even get a reply, I'd have to consider not using Vivaldi anymore, against my will, and switch back to using Firefox. I am also having issues with video playback and constantly find myself switching to chrome in order to watch Youtube Videos.

    MacBook Pro Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015. Running on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3, latest version of Vivaldi, which I also tried to reinstall.

    I have blocked third party cookies and using several extensions including:

    One Tab
    Google keep
    ImTranslator: Translator, Dictionary, TTS
    Frame by Frame for YouTube
    Magic Actions for YouTube
    Reopen closed tab Button
    uBlock Origin
    Youtube Playback Speed Control

    I cannot follow the steps suggested above since I'd have to reinstall every single extension and test multiple times, I have no time for that. If you guys could do some testing and let us know, it would be much appreciated. I've provided as much information as I could.

  • @lucaben said in Pinned tabs immediately forgotten:

    I'd have to consider not using Vivaldi anymore

    you are free to do whatever floats your boat, Vivaldi works for me but if it didn't, there are plenty of programs out there to try.

    Reopen closed tab Button

    This extension doesn't seem needed as this function is already provided natively, by middle-click on the trashcan icon on the upper right, which in any case contains latest closed tabs.
    BTW have you at least tried to disable all your extensions and closed and reopened Vivaldi?

    I have no time for that.

    nobody has time to understand what's wrong with YOUR computer/configuration if you're not willing to spend some time to understand why it's not working for you, while it's working flawlessly for anybody else, so be collaborative or try to at least.

  • @iAN-CooG said in Pinned tabs immediately forgotten:


    Thanks for the tip regarding the latest closed tab.
    No I did not test that, because the problem only happens when the whole operative system is restarted. Restarting the browser doesn't cause any issue. I've described the problem here:

    And even testing that, how do I know which extension it would be? I can't test each one separately. Extensions should not be able to affect the main architecture of the browser, otherwise it's a problem that is never going to be solved.

    Unfortunately there's not so many alternatives out there. If it wasn't for these bugs, Vivaldi is better than any other browser, and works with Chrome extensions so there's lots of options available. When they work fine!

  • I have this exact problem as well on my machine running Windows 8.1. On my laptop running Windows 10 it works just fine though. The settings and extensions are the same on both machines though.

  • I used to have the problem. But lately my pinned tabs are always there, surviving countless restarts. I start up from "Last Session".

    I don't know if it's related, but I accidentally wiped out all my profile data a while ago. (It was as if I installed Vivaldi for the first time.) All extensions are gone, too. Since then, Vivaldi feels stable, not only about the pinned-tab problem.

    Perhaps, you might want to just rename the entire profile directory and start Vivaldi afresh to see what happens.

  • I was having the same issue with my pinned tabs not being saved, but the issue seems to be solved for me now.

    If you select Menu>File>Save Open Tabs as Session and then give your current session a name and save it, the pinned tabs appear to be saved permanently. I closed my browser and reopened it and my pinned tabs were there. I even restarted my system, reopened the browser and the tabs were still there.

    I hope this helps someone!

  • Same issue here. Pinned tags are not restored. Has been this way for some months, but used to work in the past.

  • Doesn't work since 1.8? Don't know exactly. They removed the functionality on purpose, and all pleading, begging and arguing hasn't brought it back. Of course it works if you open with last session, but that's not the issue here. Pinned tabs should restore in any case. The issue is simply being completely ignored, and we haven't received feedback from a developer yet.


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