(History of) Vivaldi Feature Requests

  • Tab features:


    • Open new tabs using mouse middle button click anywhere in tab bar
    • Option to disable tab preview in vertical tab mode
    • Option to display vertical tab as a tree (like extension for firefox does)

    Other features:

    • Ability to install chrome extensions
    • Option to remove window titlebar
    • Private tabs or windows
    • Ability to select text in links
    • Improve performance

  • My suggestions:

    • Make the interface and page contents dpi-aware, elements is very small now on 120 dpi screen
    • Ability to auto hide tab panel when they are on right or left side (like in tree style tab extension in firefox) and ability to display tabs without preview images, just names (in side panel)
    • Lazy tab loading, even new opera has this
    • Appearance like other applications, not win8 theme like now
    • Ability to change search field size šŸ™‚
    • "Open in new\background tab" context menu items like opera 12
    • Performance

  • ā€“ Paste and go under Ctrl+Shift+V, Reopen last closed tab via Ctrl+Shift+T AND Ctrl+z
    ā€“ Site preferences
    ā€“ Built-in content blocker (or opera/chrome extension support for adblock plus)
    ā€“ A possibility to remove the empty space above tabs
    ā€“ Mouse gestures:
    *left-up = reopen last closed page
    *down-up = duplicate page
    *up-left = "one level up" on the page (for example from /images/ to / )
    ā€“ Single key shortcuts! This is big for me! (1/2 for previous/next tabs, "." for search etc.)
    ā€“ Tab stacking behaviors (close one, not all in stack etc. I believe this will be done anyway)
    ā€“ Quick settings (at least enable/disable proxy)
    ā€“ Private tabs

    Also New opera seems to have "renderless" area when you scroll fast, Vivaldi don't have it.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Oh, just forgot:
    implement session manager - like in O12 šŸ˜‰

  • I wanna import all data (passwords, mails, bookmarks etc.) from O12/O25 šŸ™‚

    • Past and go
    • Mouse gesture (where is open new tab?)
    • Select text - search with
    • remove search bar
    • Download in new tab
    • New Skin, trash icon is ugly
    • Performance
    • Open bookmark in new tab

  • Vivaldi Translator

    • smooth scrolling
    • after clicking in 'plus' button in speed dial, the add new item bar should disappear when clicking somewhere in SD area - not only after click again on the 'plus'

  • two most important things (as I can live with external mail client)
    CONFIGURABLE mouse gestures, including rocker gestures and wheel actions

    also: exactly EVERY SINGLE ACTION or macro bindable to gestures and keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys

    this is the core of Opera, and should be core of any web browser

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Please add search suggestions in address and search bar.

  • Hi there,

    Thanks for the Vivaldi team, it really gives me the feeling I had with the old Opera browser. šŸ™‚

    However, I have a concern that would prevent me huge time from using it.

    In Windows (7) I am using portable keyboard layout to switch my input keyboard layout to colemak. (http://pkl.sourceforge.net/)
    Somehow Vivaldi doesn't seem to pick up my changed input layout, but only recognises the QWERTY keys. šŸ˜ž

    All other programs work fine with pkl and it would be great if Vivaldi did as well. šŸ™‚

    I will give it the linux version a try where I don't have the extra layer to change my input layout.

    Keep up the good work!


  • just adding to the list šŸ™‚

    • automatic re-load page after x minutes
    • define new search engines using context menu entry in search boxes
    • open sites from speed dial using Ctrl+number

  • Here are my few cents, sorry if I'm repeating others' requests.


    • Middle-mouse button in tab bar = open new tab.
    • Mouse gesture down = new tab.
    • Right-click on "back" button = open history of "backs".
    • "Back" mouse gesture in Speed Dial to leave a folder.
    • "Open new tab next to current tab" setting.

    That's what came to my mind after some 20 minutes with Vivaldi. Can't wait for future builds!

  • @Celeblhach:

    Here are my few cents, sorry if I'm repeating others' requests.


    • Mouse gesture down = new tab.


    hell no, just make it configurable as any sane person would
    why gesture down is CLOSE tab

  • Hello! It's great to see the resemblance of the old Opera - I agree, even after the first couple of minutes of working with Vivaldi I feel more at home here, than in the "new Opera".

    The list of my features would go as following:

    • Mouse gestures
    • Add all the gestures back
    • Gestures don't work in the "blank" page
    • The gesture detection engine doesn't seem to be as good as before (perhaps because the browser is not too responsive?)
    • Optional: Customizable mouse gesture
    • Tab switching
    • I yearn for the old-opera-style tab list: ctrl+tab, ctrl+shift+tab, AND rmb+scrollwheel
    • If you could, please, hide the pixel on top of the tabs which makes you miss the click on the tab if you get the mouse all the way up
    • Custom proxies would be nice (<cough>SOCKS</cough>)
    • find links in page (,)

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the preview!

  • " just make it configurable as any sane person would"

    Oh, well, seing how you can configure all keyboard shortcuts, I didn't even think this wouldn't be a feature for mouse gestures in the future.

    I just want this one gesture back ASAP co I can dump Firefox and start using Vivaldi more. šŸ™‚

    • Customizable Interface
    • Customizable mouse gestures

  • Everything from Opera 12 not currently present. šŸ˜›

    Oh also an option to remove specific panel from the sidebar.

    Also, mimic the opera speed dial feature of letting you go to web page on speed dial by entering its number on url bar (e.g. entering 1 intor url bar will automatically direct you to url on speed dial #1, entering 2 for url #2, etc). Also please have option to make vivaldi display number on those speed dial. It was present back then in the opera (10 or 11) but during the crusade to remove everything it disappeared. šŸ˜•

  • When clicking between tabs, I would like an option to disable the bit of space that allows the entire program window to be draggable, so that clicking on the top of a tab activates that tab. Its how I change tabs and is the one thing that has stopped me from ever using Opera.
    Thread here https://vivaldi.net/forum/vivaldi-browser/747-one-thing-i-have-never-understood#9279

    HiDPI / Scaling support would be nice too. I run my windows 8.1 at 150% scaled (2250 x 1440p on a 13.5 inch screen, my eyes need it!)

  • Obviously, I think that this project has a future if I'm taking time to submit feature requests. I'm excited for the things to come.

    -Make it possible to remove buttons like "Home" or "Rewind"; let me remove the bottom bar, search bar; let me remove "contacts," etc.
    -Pinned tabs
    -Order search engines
    -Don't make me restart to see ordering changes of my folders reflected on Speed Dial
    -Option for speed dial thumbnails like Opera 26's experimental speed dial
    -Expand the "hitbox" of the new tab button even more
    -Make non-essential parts of the URL grey
    -Let the tab hover preview work for tabs I haven't clicked on but are loaded (e.g., tabs from CTRL + Click)
    -Different backgrounds for Speed Dial
    -Let opening a new tab have Speed Dial present me with dials from the last folder I visited, not necessarily from the first folder in the list
    -Let me remove the + dial when I want

    Suggestion: Put the Vivaldi menu on the right like in Chrome. There's no need to take up my tab space when there's plenty of room in the bar below. Don't be different if the cost is greater than the benefit.
    Comment: The inclusion of visual tabs doesn't seem justified considering its lack of use. Although you've developed it, keeping it around seems like not ignoring sunk costs. If the memory/speed impact is negligible, then ignore this comment.
    Comment: Don't neglect Fitts' law for a nice effect when tabs are stacked.

  • Moderator

    The two most important things for me (already mentioned above):

    • private tabs
    • pinned tabs


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