(History of) Vivaldi Feature Requests

  • Congrats to the authors, and very big thank you 🙂

    General functions

    • -Icon bar customisation (minimum: search filed on/off)
    • -Inspector view options (part of the main window, bottom place, right place)
    • -Pornmod 😃 (private tab)
    • -Mosue gestures configurations
    • -chrome/opera plugins support
    • -Force download support (fast download in opera 12)
    • -Rss in email client
    • -Save image with ctrl click
    • -Select part of link
    • -Smooth scroll
    • -Built in content blocker
    • -History & memory cache & hdd cache limit customisation

    Context menu

    • -Copy to notes
    • -Periodic page refresh
    • -Page settings
    • -Go to address (in new tab)
    • -Custon search engines

    Colored tabs is very impressive, but the colors is too strong. Maybe pastel? 🙂

  • A few thoughts, then a feature request that hasn't been mentioned yet-

    Earlier in this thread, someone commented saying they don't like how tabs don't have a minimum width like firefox does. Personally, I hate how firefox scrolls, and wish that it would let my tabs be arbitrarily small (which is what O12 did)

    Iger said "If you could, please, hide the pixel on top of the tabs which makes you miss the click on the tab if you get the mouse all the way up" but I disagree, that single pixel line lets you grab the window easily to drag it around while in full screen.

    So both of those sound like different use cases is all, I'm not saying my way is the only way, but being able to toggle different functionality would be very nice.

    As for my feature requests, I'd like to make sure that Vivaldi uses a MDI interface - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_document_interface

    That's what opera had and is a big part of why I liked opera. With that of course comes tab minimization which no other browser offers, and the only way I can browse the web nowadays is if I use a firefox addon that manually simulates opera tab minimization behavior.

  • I am extremely excited to see an effort to build a proper successor to the beloved Opera web browser. . . I'd like to start using it immediately as my primary browser, incomplete as it may be, but… with no extension, or even bookmarklet support, I can't use the tools I need throughout the day. I'll be watching the development of this browser closely!

  • @TalGarik:

    OK it's a tech review preview whatever but … context search people! can't browse without it.

    I'm quoting my previous message because I've just realized that the entire range of right click menu is missing, even paste and go in the search bar.

  • I'am very exited about this project.

    • enable Ctrl+Shift+V in URL bar (paste and execute) also via right click
    • make it possible to use not only private windows (new opera), but private tabs (opera 12)
    • restore last closed tab via Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Shift+T
    • set up a proper bugtracker/feature request site instead of a forum? eg JIRA (see Mojira for Minecraft)

    I totaly argee with this

    What i realy hate about most browsers:

    • it is slow to reload all tabs after restart
    • just one tab row

    I'm still use Opera12 on Desktop but not on my windows touch devices.
    my most important Request is to use a fast swipe(flip) on touchscreen to navigate back an forth. Best Solution I saw was in SumatraPDF. IE have it but with horrible animation and long loading times.
    "pinch and zoom" and rendering on high DPI is also important.

    I also like a very unique O12feature: Hit Space at end of Page to go to next Page even if it does not work in this Forum .

    In O12 I store my tamporay internet files on a Ramdisk to speed up end reduce wear of the SSD.

  • I would like an option to add extensions manually. I've searched in about:flags and see no option. I wonder why it's disabled?

  • Please allow an option to alter the way how fonts are rendered. Like many others I hate the current style: especially small fonts make the monitor look like I am using a blurry CRT from the 90s.

    I am still using Opera 12 which does a good job in this area. Here is a comparison (watch full size!):

    Maybe it was already mentioned and if not: in Opera 12 I love that the context menu comes up when you perform a double click on a word.

  • KeePass works fine with me…
    (sorry, a reply to a much older post, but this ended up on the wrong place, and I'm still searching how to remove this post)

  • Features I missed the most from other browsers on first use:

    • open new tab or link in background, do not jump to the newly opened tab
    • speed dial as homepage
    • Addon / Plugin interface

    I really like the browser, even as an technical preview its really nice and easy to use.

    • Ability to open tab to foreground (middle mouse button opens them in background, cant find a way to chance it)
    • Ability to disable referer header (referer logging)

    And please hurry up with the gestures 😉 (ok found the gestures but how to edit them, is there hidden settings somewhere, vivaldi://flags gives basic chrome stuff)

  • On Linux/Ubuntu: (And mac, I guess)

    • The buttons being on the wrong side of the screen (On linux, the buttons should be on the left) is something that seriously annoys me about a program. Seriously, Chrome is my (current) browser of choice, and having its buttons on the right is so annoying!
    • Someone mentioned a "dark theme" earlier, and while I personally like the current "light" theme, it would be nice to have the option.

    This browser looks great so far! It stutters occasionally, and it has the buttons on the wrong side, but it's a tech preview, so I forgive it. For now.

  • • Native Smooth-scroll with custom steps and speed would be soooo cool. Some browsers have it with extensions, but in native, that would be so cool ! For me, it's THE thing you want to read comfortably.

    • Smoother animations (yeah, i like smooth-things) when opening a new tab or browsing the UI. I guess it's coming with "optimizations".

  • Here's my little list. Thanks for this excellent tech preview. Keep up the good work!

      • in addition to "open in background tab" add a "open in background tab within the same tabstack" option (maybe even as default)
      • hierarchical tabstacks (maybe tab tree)
      • mouse gestures usable everywhere (maybe for the whole ui)
      • Add a quick dial similar to mouse gestures where holding e.g. both mouse buttons and moving the mouse provides a quick radial menu similar to the old opera context menu with frequently used commands (customizable). Going to the right line of a menu would then be moving the mouse in the right direction (much faster). maybe an idea for all context menus up to a certain number of entries? Would also work on mobile devices much better than a list.
      • save and restore tab (including the whole context, such as javascript state). Would allow to resume from poorly skripted forms
      • search with multiple search engines at the same time (and maybe even join the results within one page) (just thinking, might not be easy or possible at all)

  • @mozzer:

    Oh, just forgot:
    implement session manager - like in O12 😉

    I agree.

    The session manager from Opera 12 is awesome.
    It can do the followings things:

    1. Save sessions of multiple browser windows and each window can have multiple tabs.

    2. Restore browser windows to the exact state they were the session was saved (e.g. maximized window and re-sized window).

    3. Restore most web pages to the exact state they were the session was saved (e.g. if a web page was scrolled half-way down, the restore page would also shown half-way scrolled down. If a web page was scrolled all the way down to the bottom, the restored web page would also be shown scrolled all the way down to the bottom). This feature is extreme important for reading some relative static web pages or large text files.

    It's funny that there is not a single session manager extension (such as Session Buddy) for Google Chrome that can compete with Opera 12's session manager.

  • Thanks for an amazing effort,
    Would it be possible to include features that used to be on the presto version of Opera?
    e.g. IRC client, torrent etc. in the future?
    Also support for customisablity .

    Thanks for making something that Opera used to be, can't wait for future updates

  • url is vivaldi:flags

  • It would be nice if the developers can add quick toggle to enable/disable Javascript and plugins.

    In Opera 12, I can configure the menu bar to show the following check boxes:

    1. Enable Javascript
    2. Enable plugins

    This provides a way tp quickly enable or disable those functions without going through settings menu.
    Thank you.

  • Great news - congratulations to all concerned!

    A quick trio of requests…

    • "Links" panel.
    • "Windows" panel.
    • Password Manager.

  • I'm really impressed by the tech preview of Vivaldi! Installed it as soon as I got home. Many of my favorite features are allready included, but I'd be glad if the file handling and "Downloads" panel could be enhanced. Please consider the following changes:

    When the user clicks a file link:
    -Automatically delete Downloads the user chose to "Open" (instead of "Save"), when closing the file or at latest when closing Vivaldi.
    -Add an "Save as" option everywhere an user is asked whether to "save" or "open" a file.

    Please add a text field to the download panel, like the one from Opera Presto where you could just enter an URL and "quick download" the file.

    For the context menu of objects in the panel "Downloads", I'd suggest the following features:
    -Please rename the context menu entry "Show file", either to the term Microsoft uses ("Open file location") or what it used to be in Opera Presto ("Open folder").
    -Add an context menu entry "Copy file path"
    -Add an context menu entry "Properties"
    -Add an context menu entry like "Advanced" from Opera Presto, which just shows a sub menu with the menu entries Windows would show for that file type.

  • It's an issue on windows as well.


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