Controllable Speed Dial thumbnail creation

  • There were a lot of thumbnail-related requests last years, but thumbnail creation is still awful. All what Vivaldi does is load the page in some limited environment with tiny window size and with no extensions for a very limited ammount of time and take a screenshot of entire window. This produces very badly looking images.

    Vivaldi should provide more control during thumbnail creation:

    1. Multiple image sources:
      1.1. Site-specific logo (e.g. one for mobile devices, there was a suggestion for this).
      1.2. Smart page screenshot (with specific window size, timeout, maybe some other parameters).
      1.3. Screenshot of already opened tab with this site.
      1.4. Image from file or clipboard.
    2. Cropping feature (ability to select a rectangle from loaded image, perhaps page screenshot tool may be reused for this).

    Today I've tired of my blurred thumbnails and done them for every site myself, same repeating steps, very boring and annoying: load page, Alt+PrintScreen, crop in image editor and save to file, use in V. I could partially speed this up using V page screenshot function but it doesn't allow to resize rectangle and doesn't show its size (sadly).

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    @MVV_ Hi, Thanks for your feature request.

    There are a lot of requests about this, yes.

    This looks like a duplicate of Please vote & discuss at that thread, thank you.

    You can use the forum search first to see if you can find similar requests. If that doesn't work, I've catalogued all the requests here.

  • I've tried to search for similar issues but there are too many posts with these keywords so it is not that easy. BTW forum suggests to create a new topic when I'm trying to reply to an old existing one. 🙂

    Thank you for the link, looks very nice and really similar, though it is more about new bookmark/speed dial link creation while my ony is more about editing. Though thumbnail edition via bookmark icon would be also quite useful, much more useful than we currently have.

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