5 ways to customize Vivaldi browser on Android

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    Vivaldi browser on Android is different from the pack. It adjusts to your preferences and workflow. Here are 5 ways you can customize it!

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  • - Ambassador -

    @OlgaA , I have liked Vivaldi Android since the first beta and it is close to perfection for a mobile browser.
    But I still have to mention a small shortcoming: Posting in forums or social networks, it becomes very difficult to write longer texts, since on smaller screens the keyboard covers the last lines of the text, since there is no ability to scroll text while typing.

  • To view websites in dark mode, enable Dark mode for Web Pages in Settings > Appearance > Themes. Is it possible to get this at the first screen when you press the Vivaldi button to open options? I would think a lot of people like me use this a lot, and it's not so convenient to have to do so many steps just for this.

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    @space670 , I suppose they can put the option more accessible, although I think most of us use the Dark Mode permanently and only deactivate it occasionally in a very few pages where it does not have a good result. And then having it one or two clicks away is quite irrelevant.
    It is possible that it will be changed in the future, although I think that since it is not such an urgent modification, it will not be a priority either in the development.

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