WhatsApp Web not working as a Side Panel

  • I can't use WhatsApp as a side panel, even when I switch to Desktop mode.
    But it works as a normal tab. Why is that so? As a side panel it claims that I need to upgrade the browser. What can I do to use it as a side panel?


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    @dulcetAirman Always provide your OS and Vivaldi version when reporting problems.

    See this blog article to see if it is relevant.

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    1. Add web.whatsapp.com as a web panel.
    2. Switch the web panel to desktop mode.
    3. Press the "House" button in the top right of the panel.
    4. Now right-click inside the panel and choose "Reload".

    WhatsApp should now load properly.
    Next time you see the "Update Chrome" page, repeat step 4.

    This has occurred with WhatsApp ever since Vivaldi 2.5 (and maybe longer), but can be worked around with the above mentioned steps. AFAIK it has been reported, but I don't know the bug number.

  • Yeah this behaviour has been here for months now.

    I'm not sure it is a "bug", because it really looks like browser sniffing from WhatsApp side, but Vivaldi should at least be consistent with its behaviour in normal tab, where their user agent is spoofed to make WhatsApp web work.

    I agree it is quite frustrating to see that the issue in normal tabs has been solved in only a couple of snapshot, while the issue in panel is still here weeks after weeks, since the 2.5 release (not sure of the exact version though).
    But I know how much dealing with bug priorities is such a hard task!

    The workaround mentionned by @Komposten should work, it is exactly what I do every day too 😉

    FYI, the bug number is VB-33103.

  • @Komposten That works.

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