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  • a) When I type something in the Search Box, I often get a list of suggestions below it in. But I'm unable to choose any of them using just keyboard arrows (starting with ArrowDown key from the Search Box to select the first one). I'd like to stay just on my keyboard for search input and switch to mouse during SERP load. Also, when the focus is in the list, Home/End keys may be used to quickly move to first/last suggestion.

    b) From Firefox I'm used to Ctrl+ArrowUp/Ctrl+ArrowDown to browse between search engines in defined order. Ctrl+Home/Ctrl+End may be used to select the first/last one, as the first one may often be the most used one (and the last one could be also some kind of preferred engine).

    Thank you for consideration.

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    1. The tab key selects items from the drop list
    2. Click on the search engine icon to switch search engines (Settings, Search, enable Show Search Engine Icon)

    I prefer to search in the address field. Oddly, the cursor keys work in that drop list as well as tab.

  • Agree. I used to use arrow Up/Down to switch suggestions in others browsers. Hopefully, vivaldi can add this feature.

  • Disable num lock/caps lock/scroll lock. They are interfering with the keyboard navigation in Search field. Reported months ago and still not resolved.
    In search field Cursor Down makes the engines list drop down, Shift+CrsrDown for the history drop down.

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    @Pesala Bless you for pointing out that Tab and Shift+Tab move the selection among the Search box suggestions! I followed the discussions about the bug here for the first few months after it emerged and never saw any mention of using Tab instead. Toggling NumLock simply isn't an option for me as I grew up in the era when 10-key skills were esteemed as highly as WPMs and having to re-learn inputting all Arabic numerals from the top row would definitely be an instance of the cure being worse than the disease. If anyone from the development team reads this, please kindly remember that reports of the death of my cohorts and I from the bowels of of Generation X have been greatly exaggerated. πŸ˜‹

    I've actually been contemplating abandoning Vivaldi for another browser lately as this issue continues to get ignored along with others that impact my workflow while developer attention has obviously moved to prioritize the Android release this year. This workaround will keep me around a little longer in the hopes that focus between the desktop and mobile versions will equalize as the latter approaches public release. I'm in your debt for this one, truly.

  • <C-P> and <C-N> ?

    Is there anyway to select with ctrl-p (previous) or ctrl-n (next)?

    that keybinding is what most app (even Google Chrome) makes available, but it is missing in Vivaldi.

    I think it is a convenient shortcut that keeps hand on the home row of the keyboard, based on emacs movement key.

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