Weird error that all my downloads get "Stopped"

  • I was trying to update my Qbitorrent, and download Other stuff like from my google drive, they all get to a 100% but then at the end... it just gets "stopped"

    What is going on?, please help me, i tried uninstalling and searching online, really no help available, i hope Vivaldi people can help me. I uninstalled Firefox to become a Vivaldi user 100%, but I DONT WANT TO USE WINDOWS EDGE TO DOWNLOAD THINGS, help me, is the any baby safety thing i missed?

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    Did you test in Private Window to exclude extensions interfering the download?
    Which security solution do you use on Windows?
    Can you give us a test link to check if download breaks for us?

  • I remember this happening with old Opera more than once. In that case, it was generally due to a firewall (internet security program) with a setting to "Delete private headers". Apparently one of those "private headers" is whatever tells you that the download is finished.

  • @Gwen-Dragon

    Yes thanks for replying.

    As stated above it happens to many links, but just now a few minutes ago is allowing me to download some things from my google drive, and some not, particularly those that are .exe compiled version of a game we are working on.

    This is an exampleof that doesn't work for me (try to download the 64 bit version of QBitorrent):

    Thank you so much, i used to use Firefox until like 5 days ago, but they already deprecated old addons and i am not willing to stick with them at all now. Glad to be Vivaldi main user, love this browser. 🙂

  • @sgunhouse

    Yes, i was trying to make a quick search about just that, i hope Gewn-Dragon also reads this, i only use windows defender, but i have almost everything turned off about it, i just do scans from time to time, i dont like having antivirus programs that much to be honest.

    Otherwise my windows firewall is turned off.

    I know is probably something to do with a setting in the "internet tab" in control panel, bu which one??, maybe there is a dumb baby mode that doesn't allow me to download an executable?, i did not happened to me on Firefox so i have no idea.

    Thank you for your reply.

  • 0_1557447939854_2019-05-09 20_24_55-.jpg

    Ok so this is a capture of the attempts i just made with Qbitorrent, as you can see i do have some extensions, i tried the "private window" and turning the extensions off for a bit? but it makes no difference.

    I am glad for your help.

  • When you download certain files with "potentially dangerous" extensions like exe, Vivaldi (and any other chromium based browser) warns you and asks you to keep it and continue downloading, until you don't do so, the file won't even start downloading, seems your case. Don't you see the warning?
    See this other thread about it

  • @iAN-CooG

    It goes all the way up to 100% then it says "stopped", how can i get rid of this annoyance please, meaning, how can i download .exe files, i mean, i dont need that layer of security in my life.

  • please someone help me, i thought i was going to be able to fix this problem, but is 4 days already, I CANT DOWNLOAD .exe, i already tried going into chrome:\settings\ and turning off some security things, but IT JUST WONT LET ME DOWNLOAD software, why??? please help.

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    @hyfrehyfre said in Weird error that all my downloads get "Stopped":

    This is an exampleof that doesn't work for me (try to download the 64 bit version of QBitorrent):

    Works nice for me. Complete download (i checked the OpenPGP signature).

    Do you have any extensions?
    Can you try in Private Window mode (is without extensions)? Or in a Guest Window?

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    @hyfrehyfre Works perfectly fine here. Your problem is not with Vivaldi. Something else on your system is objecting to Vivaldi trying to download executables - Ie, something on your system does not fully "trust" Vivaldi.

    Is your Vivaldi installed with default parameters "per user," installed for "all users" or standalone? What directory is it in? Have you tried running it "as administrator?"

  • @Ayespy

    as a matter of fact... i have not tried to open as administrator as dumb as it might sound...


    Yes i tried private windows and uninstalling all extenssions also,

    Also thanks for the reply, how can i know is not my ISP, as i told you i uninstalled firefox because i dont like it anymore... i dont want to open Microsoft edge, and i was trying to download opera jsut to download what i wanted but no luck downloading OPERA from vivaldi also...

  • Hey !! i didnt worked with administrator.

    But the problem was this.

    For anyone reading, you need to go to "internet settings" and in privacy TURN OFF the option:

    Launching aplications and unsafe files


    At least that did it for me... i dont encourage people to do this because well, safety reasons, but i have no diea why this has to be turned off??, anyone has an input on why is this a thing?.

    Thank you so much.

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    @hyfrehyfre Not reproducible why you have such settings in Internetoptions.
    My Zones are all set to Default and activated Protected mode.

    My be you or the one who setup your PC set something to make your Windows safer.

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    @hyfrehyfre At least you have a way for it to work. But in Windows10 at least, this can actually relate to where and how you have Vivaldi installed. Windows objects to certain configurations on certain systems.

  • @Gwen-Dragon

    Yes indeed i find it weird, because i have Vivaldi installed in my office also and i never experienced this problem....i wonder if its really a malware blocking something and i just opened a door for it to work... hope not, but for the moment everything is working fine. Thank you so much for your time.


    It curious, the thing is that is working properly now, VIVALDI is indeed installed in the default folder and user folder also, so thank you very much for your time. 🙂

    I hope this thread is useful for anyone reading in the future, but take in consideration that this SHOULD NOT HAPPEN, but it did worked for me, i just downloaded everything i needed and turned the option to "prompt" instead of "enabled".

    I can understand that software like Utorrent or QBItorrent are in a grey list somewhere, which is fine and all, but i find it interesting that it lets me download google drive, google chrome, facebook messenger, skype etc... but it wont let me download OPERA, QBitorrent, Discord...weird. maybe is my ISP firewall

    also as a side note i have been working with Firefox 56 for almost 2 years since Firefox moved to Quantum an deprecated the legacy addons, so i have been using a very old browser for a long time, so maybe when i made Vivaldi my main browser this settings where meant to change at some point in the past, meaning i didn't had installed any of the "new generation browsers".

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    @hyfrehyfre I have observed that from one machine to another, Win10 is inconsistent and illogical as to what it permits and what it allows. Once in the past, I had to uninstall Vivaldi and scrub all references to it from registry just in order for Win10 to allow me to update it. It kept telling me I did not have authorization to modify one of the related files. Even as admin, I lacked "authorization." No other machine ever did that to me, just this one. Another machine blocked me from updating because I had a "newer" version of Vivaldi on the machine. Indeed I did, in a different directory and under a different name. So I had to download and unpack the installer to update on that one, until the next update number was the highest available. Then it quit doing it. All has been clear sailing for the last couple of years or so since I scrubbed and started over on this tower, and solved the "newest" problem on the other tower. But Vivaldi is not the only app Win10 has shown an irrational "allergy" to.

  • I have been experiencing this exact same bug but only very recently. Possibly since a Windows 10 upgrade 2 weeks ago from 1803 to 1903 (May 2019 Update). All downloads are now "stopped". Downloads still work fine in Chrome, so I can't see how this relates to PC-wide internet settings. I always download to C:\Users\andrew\Desktop. I tried the suggested workaround of control panel > Internet Options > Internet > Launching apps: Enable (default was prompt?) but this made no difference. When I change the download folder to C:\Users\andrew\Downloads Vivaldi can now download again. From Windows Explorer I can create/ rename/ delete files on the desktop, and security properties for C:\Users\andrew\Desktop shows I have full admin rights. So why is the behavior different between Vivaldi & Chrome?

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    @andrewheard It may relate to Windows or any 3rd party security app on your machine labeling Vivaldi as an app that can't be "trusted."

  • Thanks @Ayespy. Maybe, but why has it changed in last 2 weeks, and why is Vivaldi now treated differently to Chrome? I don't have any 3rd party security programs. I found that printing to a PDF file in the desktop folder now has the same issues, so now have to print to downloads folder as well.

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