Drag & drop toolbar buttons now live… but not for all buttons

  • With Vivaldi 2.4, a toolbar button can be rearranged to other toolbars through holding shift+drag. I like this, but I see that this functionality does not count for that hideous 'profile button' nor for the extension buttons.

    I suggest that all buttons receive this functionality and when dragging, a panel would appear in the middle of Vivaldi to drop off buttons which need to disappear out of sight.

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    Customization of bars will be enhanced and moving the profile button will come.

  • The toolbar customization is not perfect yet. Below is a customized FIREFOX Toolbar. There I can move buttons across the entire bar. In Vivaldi with the new update i still can't have the Home button after the search bar or the refresh button between the address bar and search bar. Please add these features. I really want to switch to Vivaldi because of Chrome Addons but i can't switch if i can't fully customize the buttons. Please make the following image possible for Vivaldi. Thanx.

    alt text

    Firefox Toolbar and hopefully soon to be possible in Vivaldi Browsers.

  • @GST firefox has decades of developement and 100x the devs Vivaldi has. It has just started, it will become better in time.

  • @iAN-CooG

    i wasn't trying to belittle Vivaldi. I just threw a screenshot out there to make developers aware of how the final goal in this regard could look like. For now i am still using firefox. I have tried all the browsers out there and Vivaldi is the only browser i would see as a true alternative to Firefox. Chrome is not an option at all for me (!) mainly because of privacy concerns.

  • @iAN-CooG Vivaldi hasn't just started, the browser is over 4 years old. And of course Firefox has more developers, it's open source. Vivaldi doesn't make it easy for outsiders to contribute.

  • @luetage said in Drag & drop toolbar buttons now live… but not for all buttons:

    @iAN-CooG Vivaldi hasn't just started

    I meant the toolbar customization, it went live just today. Jeez. 🙂

  • @iAN-CooG 😛
    But the feature is several months in the making. I'm not a developer, but I don't see a reason why the toolbar droptarget elements couldn't have been spread out over all of the address bar and status bar to begin with – with one obvious problem being that you currently cannot drop on an empty droptarget, but I believe this should be easy to fix.

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