Thunderbird eMail links

  • Mozilla Thunderbird eMail links default to FireFox.
    ( thus ignoring the 'my default browser is vivaldi' )
    Here's a fix....

    Go to Thunderbird Menu: Edit-->Preferences Click Config Editor Hit Ok
    Search for the following 3 entries:
    and double click to true.

    Now- Thunderbird goto /edit /preferences
    Edit Preferences
    Change HTML Action & https to 'use other' value vivaldi

    ( html links will now link to vivaldi )

  • @IronTom said in Thunderbird eMail links:


    Yeah, nahhh. Mine already works fine when i run V naked, but given i eschew that as a matter of principle & run all my browsers [& heaps of other pgms too] in Firejail, this does not work for me. I struggled with this issue for a couple of years, on & off, always supposing the problem was Vivaldi or Thunderbird, or both. One day it occurred to me [hand, meet forehead] that it was probably neither but instead simply FJ just doing its job... which i then proved by closing V & relaunching it naked then retrying some TB email links. Pity.

  • @IronTom said in Thunderbird eMail links:

    Now- Thunderbird goto /edit /preferences
    Edit Preferences
    Change HTML Action & https to 'use other' value vivaldi

    I can't seem to find this? I don't see Edit Preferences in Preferences.

    But it still works, after I changed them to true I just clicked on a link and a window popped up asking which app to use but I still can't find the HTML Action.

    I'm using Thunderbird 60.3.1 (64-bit)

  • @troypulk said in Thunderbird eMail links:

    I can't seem to find this?

    There was a slight inaccuracy; try this:


    IMO it's not a very intuitive tab for those settings.

  • Moderator

    As i know since years, i always had to change the handlers in Thunderbird to open the correct browser.
    Thunderbird used its own settings and ignored OS settings. Bad attitude.

  • Thank you,

    I totally over looked that Tab

  • So what if Claws-Mail is used?
    It is set in the KDE Plasma the primary mailer the Claws Mail
    However, you always want to load kmail. 0_1545081480315_Screenshot_20181217_221718.png
    I did not find any such suggestions in the Claws mail.


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