Sync does not sync extensions

  • On my main install of Vivaldi I have ~15 Extensions from the chrome webstore installed. I am setting up Vivaldi on a new computer and have enabled sync to get all my extensions and bookmarks transferred over.

    Sync seems to be working because I can see what tabs are open on the other computer by clicking the cloud icon in the upper right corner of the browser window, however the extensions didnt install on the new vivaldi setup as I was expecting, am I missing something here?

  • @Ironwillg Welcome to the forum and enjoy Vivaldi Browser.
    Sync includes Extensions.
    Type vivaldi://sync-internals on the address bar.

    At the 1st Tab

    • There is a list at the right side of the screen, the number of Extensions are list

    There is a second place
    At the Tab "Sync Node Browser"

    Can you confirm?

  • @lamarca said in Sync does not sync extensions:



    I figured it out, I went to tools>extensions and clicked the 'update' button on that page, then it installed my other extensions.


    Thanks for the help lamarca

  • Vote for Sync More Features. It is work in progress, but be aware that providing sync servers costs money, so more data = higher cost.

  • @Ironwillg You are welcome.

  • @Ironwillg I use Vivaldi on my desktop computer and I just installed Vivaldi browser on my laptop today. I got the browser to sync most of my data from the desktop device, including my bookmarks and my browsing history. But the browser won't sync my extensions from the other machine. I tried the above technique (when you went to tools-extensions and clicked the update button in order to get it to install your other extensions), but it didn't work for me. Everything else seems to be syncing except my extensions. I looked everywhere online for other answers to this question, and found no solutions other than in this post, which unfortunately don't work for me, and the instructions posted by lamarca didn't help either. I went into the address vivaldi://sync-internals, and this is what it showed under extensions, even though when I turned developer mode on, there were two extensions installed in the new browser on my laptop, and I think I currently have 7 extensions on my desktop PC' Vivaldi browser:0_1560211672020_Vivaldi Extensions.jpg I don't know what I am doing wrong that is causing my other extensions to not show up on the new browser on my laptop pc. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • @EptoGrQT Hello there,

    For the records, I told you how to watch Sync events using vivaldi:///sync-internals. As you detected something abnormal, it should be reported as a bug. I suggest you file a bug and post the number (VB-xxxxxxx) here for our follow up.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • @lamarca how do I do that?

  • @EptoGrQT There is a link for the bug report form in my previous reply.

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