Show All Windows and their Tabs in the Window Panel

  • This way it will be possible to drag a lot of tabs between windows at once. Just select multiple tabs in the panel and drag them onto another window. Curently it's only possible to drag or move tabs using context menu one at a time.
    Edit: as pauloaguia noted, several tabs can be selected using tab bar using Ctrl or Shift and then moved using the context menu. But I think using window panel might be more handy - it can show long page titles and allows to search tabs. And after all if we already have the window panel then why not make it more useful?

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    I can select multiple tabs (using Ctrl or Shift combinations while clicking on them) and drag the tabs to the tab area on another window just fine...
    Even with the context menu, if multiple tabs are selected, I can see the option to Move 2 tabs to Window xxx

    But I agree, it would be interesting to see all the windows in the panel as well...

  • It seems strange to me that this is not a thing already. All the tabs are gathered under a top level item called window. This level seems to have been designed to support additional windows shown in the same panel. I can't think of any other reason for this level taking up space. Was surprised to find that I can't manage and switch windows in this panel.

    Also coming to this feature request, surprised to see it has so few votes, since managing multiple windows without being able to see them is hard. And many windows is important for workflow organization because Vivaldi side panel limits tab nesting to one level.

  • Are there any plans on implementing this and/or being able to name windows for the Window panel? I initially downloaded Vivaldi because I was under the impression that this was the purpose of the Window panel... what's the point of having it if not multiple window management? It also seems like it would be relatively simple to implement.

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    Weirdly enough, I can see other (closed) windows in the Trash, in this panel... makes it even less understandable why we can't see the other (still open) windows.

    I would add to this request, in that we should even be able to see the windows and tabs open in other devices (so I can access a tab that I was looking at in my mobile or my computer at work, for instance).

  • We need this Vivaldi. Don't let Beethoven be better than you!

  • I was really thinking that this was a bug, that I could only see the tabs from the current window ... but I tested on multiple systems now and seeing this request I have to recognize that the WINDOWS panel was really reduced to a WINDOW panel for vivaldi...

    Would be great to have a panel for all windows available from all windows. Thanks!

  • Basically looking for functionality similar to chrome application Tabli.

    Key features:

    • Ability to see all open tabs in all windows
    • Ability to prevent opening of duplicate websites in separate tabs. With ability to make exceptions
    • At a glance visibility of hibernated tabs in tabs & windows list

  • adding onto this: it should also probably be possible to select a group of tabs from the window panel and move them to a new window in addition to moving them to another window.

    currently neither of those exist, but with this feature it'd likely be trivial to add

  • It would be good function if there would be heading with a selection between [Show All ]/[Show current Window] (predefined in settings per user preference). Or if the AllWindows will be under different panel icon. I really appreciate current function - to see just tabs of their window and nothing more.

  • At present state the Window panel just is a better, because of easier access to tabs inside stacks, analogue of side tabs.

    So it have to be redone either by removal of very first level item, "Window", either by including all opened windows.

    BTW, in the 1st case, a handy ability to reopen closed tabs by moving from "Closed" branch into between the opened tabs can be reassigned to the Closed Tabs list of the corresponding toolbar button.

  • I discovered the Window Panel today and thought it could replace the "Tabs Outliner" extension. Unfortunately not - yet! Adding the ability to see multiple windows into the panel, switch tabs between them and save and restore sessions from it would turn it into a productivity power house!

  • Casting in my vote for this feature request as well!

    Simply mimicking a Chrome extension like Tabli or Tab Manager Plus or Tabs Outliner shouldn't necessarily be the goal here, however, looking at the testing grounds that all those sidebar utilities represent should serve as solid indicators as to what sort of further functionality Vivaldi's integrated slide-in/out "WindowS" panel can provide. Namely:

    • Named Windows / Workspaces
    • Some form of quick toggle to save said window/workspace as a session (whether that's via the Tabli route of saving to bookmarks, or the TM+ method via JSON, or... whatever the hell it is that all that obfuscated code underlying the front-facing HTML+JS view of Tabs Outliner is doing when it allows users to simply copy/paste or drag/drop entire nested trees of hierarchically outlined content)
    • Some duplication detection button that highlights and/or de-duplicates list items (Vivaldi already has a search bar built into the panel, so this seems trivial enough to implement)
    • It also has multi-select built-in so, as the OG poster and others have subsequently requested, being able to migrate tabs between windows via drag'n'drop would be cool to see here.
    • Tabs Outliner lets you drop text from webpages onto it's nodes, or alternatively, just type in plain-text. And since Vivaldi has a dedicated Notes panel, this seems like a natural extension to that end. Either (A) anchoring some text to a tab via a drag operation creates an identical note in the Notes panel, complete with the address field filled out with that corresponding URL, or (B) if the note is written/dropped somewhere other than a tab - like, say, directly under a Window name or between tabs (i.e. it is a flat list of URL links with plain-text/Markdown notes interspersed throughout rather than nested underneath as children of any of those tabs) then an identical note is created in the notes panel without a URL populating it's address property.

    Etc etc... and then, of course, any uniquely Vivaldi features or workflows that the development team decides to implement here, feel free to do so as well! Like I said at the start, the goal here isn't to simple ape these already existent products... however, seeing some of these use-cases in action should be helpful in implementing similar features in a way that makes sense and integrates well with Vivaldi's "Windows" and "Notes" panels 🙂 #FoodForThought

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