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Display "Synced tabs" folder in Window panel

  • Similar to folder with last closed tabs there should be also sibling folder with synced tabs. So all of the window panel items should have corresponding tab bar items.


  • Also it would be great to have stacking support also for these synced tabs, so I could see groups I have on the other devices.

  • I would like to see either this or have different devices as their own panels instead of putting them all in the Window panel. I prefer using the Panels to using the Tab bar and usually disable the Tab bar, so I would like to have everything accessible in Panels.

  • Moderator

    Really a good idea, mainly now I am using the Android version with sync enabled

  • I don't use tabs only window panel and lack of possibility to see synced tabs is really pain in the ass as I have to go to settings enable tabs panel and then click cloud icon.

  • Real life example: I recently swapped out laptops and struggled to find where the old computers sync'd tabs were.

    In terms of organization, it makes sense that everything would be under the Window sidebar, whether as a top level of Remote Tabs or just computer name.

    Using the same icon for the sync enabled in the lower left as the sync'd tabs in the upper right just adds to the confusion.

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