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  • It would be great if there was an Android and iOS version of Vivaldi. Does any one know where the extension settings is located in Vivaldi?

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    @issei Vivaldi for Android is in development.
    vivaldi for iOS will require a total rewriting and restructuring as Apple imposes restrictions designed to make it very difficult to develop for their systems unless you adhere to their pre-approved patterns.

    Extensions in Vivaldi is Menu/tools/extensions or vivaldi://extensions. Settings for extensions are stored in the Vivaldi profile ("Default") folder.

  • @ayespy Is there someplace to offer suggestions for features for the Android version?

    So far, Opera is the only Android browser I've tried that has Word Wrapping when zooming pages in the browser. Often the text is too small to read on my phone, so I zoom in, which will usually push the text off the edges of the screen. With Word Wrapping, once the zoom is set, the text adjusts to fit within the window.

    I can't use a browser that doesn't include this option. Without Wrapping, a zoomed page requires continually scrolling left/right to read each line of text that has been zoomed off the screen. Uninstall.

  • @daltondr said in Vivaldi for android:

    Is there someplace to offer suggestions for features for the Android version?

    Not yet. Maybe after it is released. The Feature Request for a Mobile Version already exists, but IMO it is premature to ask for feature for it yet.

    Update: There is now a feature request category for the Mobile.

  • any news about this? without the app this browser is pretty useless, because I have chrome on android....

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    @zak84 said in Vivaldi for android:

    any news about this? without the app this browser is pretty useless to me....

    Fixed your sentence.

    @zak84 said in Vivaldi for android:

    ...because I have chrome on android....

    And it's been reported that Chrome will be removed from Android at some point soon. Can't remember where I saw that in that last few days, but I'm sure it can be Googled.

    But that's okay, since I don't use Chrome it's useless anyway.
    Oh wait... to me it's useless. 😉

  • The only thing that holds me from using Vivaldi as my default browser is lack of an android app with sync. If devs are on it, now its the time to start with public beta app. Firefox really sucks with android, Chrome is not an alternative, others have no sync with desktop browser....

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    @nihilista Public beta will appear when it's ready. This has to be driven by the quality of the software, rather than the calendar.

  • @nihilista Opera does sync mobile and desktop, or am I wrong?

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    @ungern Opera has a mobile product. I don't know if it syncs with their desktop product, but I would sure hope so. But as I don't use any Opera mobile, I could not say. I know that the OLD Opera desktop and mobile synced, but it's been over 5 years since I was in that environment.

  • @ayespy Sorry for being a bit unclear. I use Opera on Android mobile, but only rarely on desktop (when needed due to Vivaldi not showing some content), as I prefer Vivaldi. So I vaguely remember being able to find open tabs on both devices, and so on.

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    @ungern I suppose that's the case. I just downloaded mobile to check, and it does have sync settings. I tried to sign in to my old Opera account, but apparently it's no good any more. Oh, well. I'll reclaim the space on my phone.

  • They did reset passwords at least once, and may also remove inactive accounts. But yes, Sync on current versions includes the ability to sync sessions and history (both are optional and I don't actually use them).

  • hi dear vivaldis developers
    these days i use vivaldi on my daily and i fall in love whit this amazing browser on my pc !
    bottom url bar and right side tab bar and panel with my windwos and mint right side taskbar and beautiful themes are very very fantastic and unique in the world !!!
    i very search to find vivaldi with these features thanks a lot please dont delete these features in future
    i want vivaldi on android and i am good luck that it is in development
    i am waiting for it
    i want bottom url bar on my phone please add it to android version dont forget it chrome home stoped in android and i see no other good browser have bottom url bar
    again thanks

  • @ungern
    Sure, Opera has sync, but i don't use it on desktop and i won't do that only because it has sync 😉

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    Vivaldi for android is in a very early stage of planning (we're not sure if it's even advanced enough in development to call it an app yet haha). So You'll understand how little information there is about it.

    Rest assured the application IS planned and WILL be made, but it will take some time (Google wasn't built in a day :P).

    I can recommend some browsers to use alternatively to chrome if you wish (as I saw some people sadly felt that Vivaldi was useless without an app 😞 ). But for now there's nothing to be done more than waiting.

    However, you will agree that any wait is worth it, just look at what Vivaldi is right now!

  • @awpii ..and which would you recommend?

  • @awpii said in Vivaldi for android:

    However, you will agree that any wait is worth it

    Not quite any wait, but we understand that it takes time to do something properly.

    The Chariot Maker

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    @radi8 Focused on privacy, I can recommend Firefox Focus, as it's pretty rad when it comes to erasing (some) traces of your navigation, it also looks pretty and is quite fast!

    If you don't care so much about privacy for now (not that these don't have good privacy protection features / policies), I recommend the following:

    -Ecosia Browser (We have it's search engine incorporated in Vivaldi [I believe we endorse it too?] and we can plant trees with it! :D)

    alt text

    -Kiwi Browser (Has popup and tracker blocking incorporated)

    alt text

    -VĂ­a Browser (My personal favourite)

    alt text

    I hope this helps you 🙂


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