When Will Feature Requests Be Implemented?

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    No Estimated Time of Arrival is given for feature requests (or bug fixes). If the developers are currently working on a feature it may be tagged as IN PROGRESS or as PIPELINE if it is planned. Feature Requests tagged as DONE are already available in the latest Stable version.

    The number of upvotes is only a rough indication of how many users want a feature, but other factors determine what gets done and when. Please don't ask: “When will this feature be added.” The only answer anyone can give is “When it's ready.” The small Vivaldi Team are working hard on many issues.

    Currently (After the release of Vivaldi ver 2.0 on 26/9/2018)

    Top Feature Requests

    Upvotes Title
    153 Allow Editing of Menus
    102 Sessions Panel
    99 Video Pop-out PIPELINE
    98 Configurable Toolbar
    83 Private Tabs
    80 Save Opened files in Temporary Folder
    73 RSS and Atom reader PIPELINE
    73 Allow Resizing of Tiled Tabs DONE
    68 Floating sidebar panels DONE
    65 Better Cookie Management
    63 Upgrade Vivaldi on Next Restart
    62 Option to delete items from disk inside the download panel
    59 Custom Filenames for Screenshots
    58 Support for MIME Types
    58 Confirm Closing Vivaldi PIPELINE
    58 Built-in content blocker
    56 Download Manager
    56 Open/Close tab stacking
    50 Option to switch off autoload and autoplay of html5-videos
    50 Links Panel
    50 User Agent Spoofing
    47 Mobile Browser Version IN PROGRESS

    Summary of Threads

    Category Threads
    Address Bar 31
    Bookmarks 66
    Panels 78
    Settings 57
    Tabs 126
    Themes 46
    Other 648
    Total 1,088
    Duplicate 65
    Done 43

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