YouTube videos often fail to play

  • I see the below error regularly on Youtube. It's been like this for many months. Is it a typical problem on Vivaldi for Mac? 1.16.1183.3 (Official Build) (64-bit)


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    @iarla On some Macs, yes, some videos types will not play if Vivaldi's GPU hardware acceleration is not available on your system. This has been a longstanding issue for which many of us are all still waiting for a fix.

    Youtube videos are often available in several formats. Youtube videos encoded in, say, the vp9 format will play fine even with if hardware acceleration is unavailable; some other formats, such as H.264, will not.

  • @xyzzy thanks, I appreciate the info. I do have a late 2011 MacBook Pro. I've reported the issue as a bug, but I'm sure I'm not the first.

  • @xyzzy Is this being addressed, yet? I'm moving from Chrome to Vivaldi, and I generally like it. However, this problem is going to be an issue since I view a lot of embedded videos or via links.


  • @xyzzy But the same video runs at the same machine (iMac, late 2009) at any other browser (Opera etc.) At all videos are running. But none at facebook and a lot at youtube.

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    I appreciate all of your patience and all reports that you post here. This is a huge problem that has gone on for too long already. However, I don't work for Vivaldi so I have limited insight into what actually goes on behind the scenes. All that I can tell you is that all of the Mac media playback bugs are still open and have a high priority assigned to them. I also do my best to make sure that all critical issues affecting the Vivaldi Mac community don't get forgotten.


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