Floating panels – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.16.1226.3

  • Vivaldi Team

    A fantastic new feature for today’s snapshot is one of our more frequent requests. Floating panels have finally arrived. We also found the time to fix 11 regressions!

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  • I didn't know about webpanels. That's awesome! Thanks 🙂

  • Moderator

    1st :p

  • Awesome! Been waiting for this sooo long 🙂 Thanks!

  • So many good news in the last releases! 😄
    Yesterday the multi-windows-closure-crash... Today maybe my most annoying pet bug for months: the right click after a mouse gesture! (--> VB-33387, to be confirmed as solved by VB-41316 ? Seems to be the case: I don't reproduce it anymore)

    The new Chromium cycle seems to have been a real pain to integrate, but you keep-up the good work! Thanks for that!

  • Some events still not working in tiled tabs. Find in Page and gestures are working fine (thanks), but not the reordering of tabs.

    (VB-41453) Tab Tile Position Not Changed on Reordering Tabs

  • panel options/floating panel WOOOOOT
    finally, one less custom mod to use in Vivaldi yay \o/

  • When can Vivaldi automatically hide the whole panel, and it appears when the mouse cursor moves to the left (or right) side of the screen?

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Nice addition to Vivaldi!
    However (my personal taste), I would like to have the option to make both the panel and the panel-bar to float, since I normally show/hide the panels using the shortcut F4. (And, if possible, have some sort of toggle for this option on the panel-bar/status-bar. That would be 100/100). For now, I'll keep my version of the panel mod. (Again, great job tho)

  • @rtransformation Personally, I would find that more useful than floating panels, which hide some of the text on the page. I have my panels on the right side of the screen.

    Vote for Activate Panels on Mouseover

  • Good options, but:

    • auto-close could be independent from floating panels.
    • after auto-hide, you have to click again to reveal the panel. We should just be able to point the cursor on the panel bar.

  • Moderator

    Good to see lots of nice regression fixes ☺. The floating panels look nice. I'll need to experiment to see if I like them as opposed to regular side view, as I never tried that particular mod

    some issues:

    • [obvious bug] The border colour of the focused text boxes doesn't use a theme variable, it's just set to red.
    • [new bug] It seems you can't re-order "hidden" extension icons from the drop down anymore, but if you click and drag you still get the "dragging" cursor
    • [previously existing bug] I'm seeing odd focus behaviour with the address bar, which I think was also present in the last snap: If the address bar is focused, I de-focus by clicking page and switch tabs and back, the focus is back in the address bar.
    • [possibly new bug] closing and re-opening the settings page can result in some check boxes not showing result of click, even though changes to settings are saved

    Not sure if any of these are already known issues.

  • Good job with the floating panels. What I'd like to see is a button to toggle the floating panel setting in the UI (in panel container), and/or a keyboard shortcut. Both modes are viable and it should be possible to trigger them faster than going digging into settings.

  • Moderator

    @luetage I wonder if it would work on a per-panel basis. As we currently have per-panel "separate width"

  • nice to have floating panels now but what about
    VB-41231 Chromium 67 version is only capturing the visible part of the page with screen cap and
    VB-41355 Delay After using Back (GestureLeft)
    serious bugs since the last update?

  • @lonm It seems to work for every panel. Sometimes, chrome-extension:// could lose the width. So, worth checking them.

  • A regression exists since the previous release for MacOS: Multiple windows (e.g. a pop-up window, a private window or simply a New Window) don’t show in the Dock menu. Thus it’s not possible to switch to another Vivaldi window without minimising or moving the existing one so that any window underneath becomes visible.

  • Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! yes!!

  • Win 10 64 Bit, Viv 64

    Far better usable.. I don't understand this problem though. On some tabs scroll doesn't work at all I cannot go up or down in page others fine. Reboot?

    It came back on fast machine...ok now can't believe it would take that long to load. Sorry

  • Moderator

    @dovelove said in Floating panels – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.16.1226.3:

    On some tabs scroll doesn't work at all

    Do you have in vivaldi://flags Strict Site Isolation activated? That can interfere.


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