Activate Panels with Mouseover

  • Option to open panel hovering its icon and close it when the mouse is on a web page or outside Vivaldi windows.
    Time to activate with hover (ms) should be customizable.

    // EDIT
    Part of this request was implemented in latest snap as "floating panel". Thanks team! 😛

  • The click behavior in vivaldi is old for me, for the panel, the content of the panel like bookmark tree, the bookmark bar menu selection. In Firefox (I don't sure it's native anyway), when you click on a button (from bookmark bar for instance), you activate the bar and the icon whose menu is developped, and then hovering the beside icons, you activate quickly them. I prefer this two-step selection that avoids to bad clicks. It's more natural and quicker than the basic vivaldi current click selection but it's so more secured than direct mousehovering.

  • you are absolutely right!!! we want this feature as soon as possible!

  • This post is deleted!

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