Page Down Should Scroll by a Full Page

  • Is it possible to have a page down button that does an actual page down function? On plain pages page down goes maybe 90% down and this is pretty difficult, I have to look for the position where I was instead of just continuing from top of the screen.

    On some other pages page down actually goes too far, for example

    Similar for page up would be nice too. Firefox is fairly good with this.

  • Try the spacebar. In vivaldi://settings/keyboard/ tick Space for Fast Forward

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    @anssi10 This is a significant usability issue when reading long pages like this one. The page scrolls down several lines short of a full page on my 1920x1080 portrait monitor.

    At one time, Opera 11.64 used to do it right then they fixed it because social media sites like Facebook have a floating toolbar at the top of the page. It improved the behaviour on Facebook and broke it on every site that I use.

    @luetage That makes no difference. It scrolls down by the same amount, i.e. less than a full page. Compare with Notepad or Wordpad to see how it should work.

  • @pesala Hmm, notepad is a text editor, you can't really compare it to a browser. Page down is for reading content, and it helps when they eye can take hold of content already read, to not disturb the flow. I don't agree with this feature request. In any case it should be optional.

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    @luetage That's the way it used to be on Opera. The last line on the page became the first line after page down. It makes it easy to find your place when reading long pages.

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