Hide Address Bar in Popup Windows

  • Add an option to hide the address bar in popup windows, or to open popup windows without the address bar visible.

    Some extensions rely on popup windows, and they don't expect the address bar to be there, so sometimes a vertical scroll appears, and it can be frustrating.

    ā€” @aaantoni (from an earlier thread that apparently didn't make it to a Feature Request.)

    I tried assigning a keyboard shortcut to "View address bar." However, if I press that shortcut key combo in the popup window, it toggles the address bar in all the open normal windows instead. Tested on Vivaldi 1.15.1147.42 (Stable channel) (32-bit).

  • Old Opera Presto had something they called a security bar in pop-ups - not a full-fledged address bar but just a line where the site name would be displayed. The purpose was to prevent phishing - well, maybe "reveal" rather than "prevent". Say you're visiting a website, and a pop-up appears asking you to verify your username and password. But is it really from that website, or is there malicious code in one of the ads on the page - unless you can see at least a domain name you don't know. So that's why Presto added this security bar to pop-ups. Maybe they'll consider hiding it for extensions, but pop-ups from websites need something to tell you where they are from.

  • @sgunhouse Good point. My own use case is extensions, so I would be perfectly happy to hide the address bar only in popups from extensions, and show it in popups from Web pages. (Or, in keeping with the Vivaldi philosophy, make it an option šŸ™‚ .)

  • @cxw I believe the option to show the address should be a 'real-time' clickable one rather than something the user has to open the settings page for, i.e show the thin panel with the address (or perhaps the name of the extension in case of extensions) at the extreme top of the page, which when clicked will show the full address.


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