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  • Hey,
    for quite some time (months, if not years), I'm experiencing issues with Gmail in Vivaldi, specifically that after some time (I wasn't able to pinpoint any exact conditions or time period when that happens), my Gmail tab stops updating. When I get new mail, I sometimes even get the desktop notification (not always, though, that's another issue), but if I switch to the Gmail tab, it's not updated and usually doesn't update until I manually reload the page. It made me miss quite a few important mails, since just looking on the Gmail tab, there didn't seem to be anything new, but then, after randomly reloading the tab, several new mails popped up that were often delivered hours ago. Worse still, when this happens, it sometimes even seems to block Gmail notifications on my Android phone, so I don't get notified about the mails that way either.

    I have two tabs with Gmail (different accounts) pinned and open all the time and I have quite a few tabs open, but it doesn't seem to be memory related (I usually have plenty of RAM available). I also just hibernate my PC (Win 10 64 Pro) and rarely restart, and it kinda seems to me like that might actually be at least partially responsible.

    Anyone experiencing this? Any tips on what to do or how to troubleshoot the issue better? I've already tried disabling my extensions and even using a whole new, clean profile, but it didn't really help anything. It's pretty frustrating to realize you've missed an important mail from a client hours after it was sent to you...

  • @case Are background tabs being hibernated on your setup?

  • @luetage If you mean the automatic tab discarding, I've just found out I can actually see what's going on there through chrome://discards, had no idea this page exists. And yes, tabs are automatically discarded, but I was always under the impression they should get reloaded when you open them again - but instead, they seem to only be restored to the state they were before with manual refresh still being necessary to get the up-to-date version of the page.

    I've turned the toggle to auto discard off for my Gmail tabs, will see if it helps. Though even if it does work, there's still the issue that the toggle's state doesn't seem to carry over after Vivaldi restart, not even for pinned tabs.

  • @case vivaldi://flags/#automatic-tab-discarding You could try to disable this.
    I had a lot of tabs discarded, even when the ram usage was "relatively" low with several of them opened.

  • @hadden89 Currently testing this, but thanks anyway. It's somewhat annoying in that it takes a long time to test any tweaks related to this reliably, possibly even days 😞
    But I did have "Always load pinned tabs" enabled and I have the Gmail tabs pinned.

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