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  • I know we have Concatenate Commands and Configurable Toolbar, but there doesn't yet seem to be a distinct request for Custom buttons that can be created and added.

    In old opera, you could create a button for any command, and make it look like whatever you wanted. For example: opera:/button/Clear disk cache,,,25164,"Clear disk cache" & New page,1 & Go to page, "opera:cache". This, shared as a link, could be "installed" as a button on any toolbar to quickly clear the cache without needing to remember a shortcut.

    This request is somewhat moot until both the aforementioned requests are implemented, but I think it's worth having all the same.

  • @lonm Yes this feature of the old good Opera was great and very elegant, but I dubt if it is possible to implement it to Vivaldi because of the Chromium-core.

  • It is possible as a custom program layer between chromium and UI. With page-scripts support and custom command-list.
    But of course devs will not do this. Too complicated, and little people of all Vivaldi users will use it.

  • I would like to be able to add the Save As and Print buttons.

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    The custom button code in Opera made it easy for users to share their best ideas.

    I still use a button created by sgunhouse IIRC to split a tab:

    • First click splits it vertically
    • Second click splits it horizontally
    • Long click removes the split

    The tiles can be resized too.

    0_1528666442928_Split Tab.png


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