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    I know we have Concatenate Commands and Configurable Toolbar, but there doesn't yet seem to be a distinct request for Custom buttons that can be created and added.

    In old opera, you could create a button for any command, and make it look like whatever you wanted. For example: opera:/button/Clear disk cache,,,25164,"Clear disk cache" & New page,1 & Go to page, "opera:cache". This, shared as a link, could be "installed" as a button on any toolbar to quickly clear the cache without needing to remember a shortcut.

    This request is somewhat moot until both the aforementioned requests are implemented, but I think it's worth having all the same.

  • @lonm Yes this feature of the old good Opera was great and very elegant, but I dubt if it is possible to implement it to Vivaldi because of the Chromium-core.

  • It is possible as a custom program layer between chromium and UI. With page-scripts support and custom command-list.
    But of course devs will not do this. Too complicated, and little people of all Vivaldi users will use it.

  • I would like to be able to add the Save As and Print buttons.

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    The custom button code in Opera made it easy for users to share their best ideas.

    I still use a button created by sgunhouse IIRC to split a tab:

    • First click splits it vertically
    • Second click splits it horizontally
    • Long click removes the split

    The tiles can be resized too.

    0_1528666442928_Split Tab.png


  • This! The possibility to create buttons with short JavaScript code was a great feature of Opera.

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    On My Opera, we shared some awesome custom button code simply by posting links in a forum post.

    If you're browsing this forum using Opera 12.18 or earlier, the code should still work here, but obviously not with Vivaldi.

    Custom Button Links

    Bookmarks Bar

    Drag the link (you must be using Opera Presto) to any toolbar. The newly created button will show the bookmark bar for 5000 ms then hide it again.

    This code can be posted in most forums that can parse the markdown, but it will only work in Opera. I would like to have similar code that would work in Vivaldi. It would greatly simplify customisation of the browser for new users who are not comfortable with editing code.

    Lock Speed Dial

    Drag the above link to any toolbar. The newly created button will lock/unlock the Speed Dial (in Opera Presto) to prevent moving of thumbnails (another great feature available in Opera 12.18)

    Vote for an Option to Lock Speed Dial Entries in Vivaldi.

  • I really miss the buttons as well - that was one of the best functions of the good old Opera. ❤
    I tried finding an extension for the "kill button" I found in some forum which you could click to delete single items (like annoying content or overlays in websites or even ads that can't be blocked by a regular ad blocker). I didn't find anything and tried myself to "convert" that button's javascript code into this extension:

    Although it is way harder to program an extension than a button, maybe some people can try to program an extension or ask for help in this forum to do so? Or maybe there is even a way to create some kind of generic extension or at least a template for an extensions that may be used to easily convert the button functions into extensions...?
    I'm not sure if Vivaldi is up for introducing buttons again, I think the Chromium spirit is more towards extensions, even if this is a much higher bar for people to create these.


    P.S.: in case you're interested in developing extensions, I started here:
    and here
    and here
    and had a look at many examples I found in the web.

    Edit: maybe there's even a way to link extensions with the Vivaldi commands mentioned here
    So the extension can just "call" the Vivaldi command without introducing complex javascript code...?

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