Separate Session Context per Private Window

  • Create a new unique non-shared context (cookies, local storage, websockets, …) for each Private Window to improve privacy and usefulness.

    This would allow:

    • Any desired number of isolated logins to a single site
    • Better control over shared (local) data to endpoints

    Current (mainstream) browsers (to my knowlegde) only support a single shared context for all private/incognito windows (correntions and hints welcome).
    Firefox seems to have the required groundwork but is not applying it in this form (for the moment).

    I am aware this is a low level feature which requires upstream code changes. But this could be a good base for further useful improvements.

  • Any method for having more than 2 sessions simultaneously will be kindly welcome.

  • @rotfl right, this could be extended to also allow multiple regular session contexts at the same time, isolated by window.

    This would on (the other hand) limit tab drag&drop between windows belonging to separate global contexts…
    Since drag&drop is at the moment impossible for Private Windows anyway it would be easier to introduce there (with isolation as settings option).

    Isolated regular windows migth (then) also be able to preserve login states over session save and restore.
    Again conflicting with (future) drag & drop feature for saved sessions.

  • I discovered that QupZilla (soon to be Falcon) with QtWebEngine backend does this already.
    Would be interesting if the Chomium framework leaves enough inception points to do this.
    Maybe upstream could benefit from needed changes or support this feature themselves.


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