Vivaldi and Passwords

  • I previously used Firefox, and their password/form filling features were not secure. I used Lastpass and the corresponding extension in order to fill in passwords and forms with Firefox. I am not familiar with Vivaldi that well to know, but is the how secure is this features in Vivaldi? Do I still need to use Lastpass in order to be secure in this area?

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    @n8chavez Vivaldi uses the same method to secure and encode passwords that Chrome does. I don't know if that will be sufficient for you, or not. It uses a key tied to your user profile in Windows, and so cannot be transferred to another Windows profile, or opened on any machine other than your home machine.

  • No, it is not secure. It uses the same system as Chrome does and Chrome is the browser that implemented this feature the worse of all. Its self-encrypted (no master password that acts as the encryption key) and it is very easy for anything on your computer to pull the logins since the key is stored in your profile.

    Using any browsers build in password function is a bad idea. Its comfortable but not ideal.

    Just keep using LastPass if security is a more prominent concern over comfort.

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    @n8chavez Here are the specifics of how passwords are stored and protected by the browser on Windows, macOS, and Linux:

    Many believe that this is good enough. Many others prefer using password vault solutions... although password vaults can also be attacked. Some choose not to store passwords at all, neither on disk nor in the cloud.

    Each approach has their pros and cons.

  • Ok. Thank you all for the replies. It looks like I'll be sticking with Lastpass until, and if, there are improvements made to the internal password system.


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