Setting for Spacing Above Tabs in Non-maximized Windows

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    In Opera 12.18 there is a setting for Chrome Integration Drag Area as well as for Chrome Integration Drag Area Maximized so one can change the spacing above tabs in non-maximized.

    • Setting this to zero will make it easier to select tabs in windows that are maximized vertically, but not horizontally
    • Increasing the value will make it easier to select non-maximized windows when the tab bar is full of tabs.

    0_1523786923961_Chrome Integration Drag Area.png

  • @Pesala Both are valid choices, and essential, IMO. But dont you think it would be more useful if we could change this on the fly.

    Because when we want to get the browser out of the way to do something else (or drag it elsewhere) and nothing we do seems to make it move as we try to search for a draggable area in the menu/tab bar ?

    So instead of a manual preference, if we just have a shortcut to a toggle that changes it from 0 to say .5cm ? (And when the configurable status bar finally sees light, there could be a li'l button there)

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    @rojaviv If you don't fill the tab bar with tabs, there is always somewhere to drag the window. If you do, then there are already shortcuts to get the window out of the way.

    • Windows key + Left/Right or Up/Down

  • @pesala I always fill up my tabs. Win+nav didnt do anything for me...Win 8.1

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    @rojaviv Even with the tab bar choc-a-bloc with tabs, there is space to grab the tab bar — just not very much.

    0_1524951043149_Tab Bar.png

  • @pesala Right, I knew that but even that space becomes painfully miniscule to grab at times when you are in a hurry and sometimes doesn't seem to work


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