Do not Stop Playback when a Web Panel is Closed

  • Hello vivalders
    I often listen music on youtube, and I would find interresting to have a YouTube web panel instead of a tab. Unfortunattly, when I close the panel, the music stops.

    It could be interesting to keep the music playing (or maybe, with an option for each panel).

    Thank you for reading and for this great browser!
    I hope it would be implemented.

  • @papykpy Pinned tabs works pretty well for me, I didn't think of putting it in a panel. I use stream-keys (use the pause play buttons on your keyboard for music sites) tho, and I think that some extensions don't fully work on panels.

  • @papykpy I have youtube as web panel and i often select a full playlist and then switch/close the panel and it keeps playing. maybe check the way you created your panel

  • Can you explain how you are creating these web panels to allow youtube to continue playing when it is closed. I would very much like to have this feature available and I cannot figure out how to get it working.


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