PGP & S/MIME-Support for Webmail

  • When using GMX-Webmail in Vivaldi and showing a signed or encrypted mail it says:

    Verschlüsselte Kommunikation wird von Ihrem aktuellen Browser nicht unterstützt!
    Um verschlüsselte Kommunikation auf diesem Computer verwenden zu können, nutzen Sie bitte Mozilla Firefox oder Google Chrome.

    Encrypted communication is not supported by your current browser!
    To use encrypted communication on this computer, please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

    Due to the fact, that Vivaldi is based on Chrome, why doesn't it work as Chrome?

    Mailvelope works with Chrome and Mozilla and i can install it in Vivaldi. Is there any support for this? I want wo use GPG and/or S/MIME.

  • @fborrmann very likely be an issue on GMX side since other mail providers seem to have no problems with the combination Vivaldi/mailvelope.

    Some (minor) tests with user agent spoofing had no effect.

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    I have moved this from Feature Requests to the Webmail forum. See the thread Feature Requests for Vivaldi Mail


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