Is there a way to remove (1) notification?

  • Hey i'm wondering if there's a switch to disable the default notifications count badge, I prefer the Vivaldi unread notifications badge and having both is pointless, I just need one.

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  • @nickparkermusic If I'm not mistaken, code from the website is doing this. It's not a Vivaldi problem and therefore there cannot be a switch for it in the application. You would have to resolve this by modding the twitter site. No idea how easy or hard this might be, but it would involve running extra code for it.

  • Facebook/YouTube/Twitter use this. I have to find a way to disable it globally. Ty

  • I came across This Article there's no easy solution it seems.

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    @nickparkermusic When the website (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) detects that you have a notification it changes the name of the tab it is in to reflect the number of notifications. All the browser knows is that the title has changed, but it doesn't know why (there could be other reasons to change the title, such as navigating a website).

    One potential way to get rid of these numbers would be to have a JavaScript running in the background that routinely checks the website name for "(#)" (where # is any number), and removes that part of the name. I don't know how often the websites update the numbers in the titles, so this may or may not work.

  • @komposten Well the numbers reflect the count of unread notifications such as the number of YouTube videos uploaded by channels I'm subscribed to Or my Twitter notifications. I don't know any native method to toggle this off even from the website so yes a Javascript might work in this case to globally disable them. I hope someone pays attention to this because Vivaldi's badge is enough to display notifications count.

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    @nickparkermusic said in Is there a way to remove (1) notification?:

    I hope someone pays attention to this because Vivaldi's badge is enough to display notifications count.

    I don't think this is something that Vivaldi's team can do anything about in a reliable way (since it is the website that puts the number in the title). So you would probably have to use a 3rd party script. You could probably do it using a global custom Vivaldi javascript, or by installing an extension that injects custom javascript into individual websites (that way you can have the script only run on websites that put the number in the tab title).

    I wrote a very rough (and bad) script just to test it. It seems like the little badge on the tab icon disappears when I remove the (1) from the tab title. So, since the badge seems to be based on the thread title there doesn't seem to me like there is a way to only have the badge and not the (1) in the title.


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