Option to Open New Tabs in Background as Default

  • I know there are several ways to open links in background, but I want to simply set it as the default behaviour and not have to use middle click, context menu, or gestures...

  • Tabloc - Chrome Web Store
    Tabloc Options

    open links in background tabs

    URL (regex):


  • That's one of the few features that I'm missing on Vivaldi. Opera 54. lets you change "Open link in new tab" behavior so it always opens it as a background tab. I very rarely need to open link as active new tab so i would be great if the context menu would be customizable. For example give an option to choose between:

    • Open link in new tab (with option to make it by default open in background)
    • Open link in new background tab
    • Open link in new window
    • Open link in new private window
    • Open link

  • I wish I could upvote this more. This behavior is the only blocker for making Vivaldi my new browser. Sadly, it's absolutely a show stopper.

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    @gaelle said in how to disable "switch to the new tab immediately" when click "open new tab":

    We discussed this request internally and we like the idea but came to the conclusion that though it's possible to implement this feature, it would be very difficult to do it properly as opening links works differently on various websites. Let's imagine we add this feature and every single link you click on a page opens in the background. It would create a huge number of opened tabs and take quite some resources and time to manage and close them all would amount to more than spending a second more to use already available options. Furthermore, it would cause issues or even break many websites. For example, going through the process of paying for online purchases. When each click opens a new tab there are so many things that could go wrong resulting in a failed transaction or double payment.
    In the meantime, there are many extensions out there that attempt to do this, but most of them are buggy and/or cause more harm than good. However, you can try the extensions out yourself by adding them to Vivaldi from Chrome Web Store. One that seems to work is LongClick New Tab. Please give us more feedback about how you expect the behavior to function.
    Also, why is Ctrl + click or a mouse gesture that are already available not an option for you?

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    Thanks @Pesala for quoting this bit. I was looking for that thread to mention it here as well. As mentioned, we're very interested in finding out more about how you see the implementation of that feature.

    Also we're wondering, some extensions already do it, have you tried for example LongClick New Tab.

    If so, please give us more feedback about how you expect the behavior to function.

  • @gaelle Yes!
    I think it is a BIG problem!

    I'm heavy user of webbrowsers (20+ years of using such apps - IE, Mozilla, Old Opera, Mozilla, New Opera, Vivaldi (it was terrible - sorry), New Opera, Firefox, New Opera and now Vivaldi (since yesterday - it looks much better that 2-3 years ago!) - as a developer I open maybe a hundred(s) of links every day. In backgrund
    Let me check - I always use right click on link.
    Safari - menu starts with "Open Link in new tab" - I can do it like a one click
    Firefox - the same
    Chrome - the same
    New Opera - still one right click and very short move of mouse and - yes - webpage is loading in background
    IE - ... ? ... of course - in background
    Vivaldi - right click then click... no! don't do it! first move your mouse to the second position in the menu! And then click... Done

    For me it would be sufficent just to (optionally? - but I suspect it should be set AS DEFAULT - you can see that all browsers have such option on the first position in the menu - it's like a standard now!) switch first 2 options in the right click menu:

    Open link in new background tab
    Open link in new tab

    and maybe rename first command to "Open link in new tab" and from "Open link in new tab" to "Open link in new foreground tab" or sth

    It's so obvious and simple solution!

    I've noticed at the beginning that soemthing is wrong with the opening links by right click. It's very annoying when you use webbrowser every day for last 20+ years.
    Please fix/improve it - for new user it will be always a problem with such built menu :/

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    @ptaku2 thanks a mil for sharing these insights and constructive input. It's helping us a lot. :)

  • @ptaku2 yes, it is as simple as you say it!
    We need to have a right click to open in background!

    In Firefox, eg, there is an option to setup:

    • "open in new tab" means in background tab
    • "open in new tab" means active (foreground) tab.

    So if one could choose in Vivaldi between these two, in the "settings" menu, it would be fine! I think this should be quite simple to implement!

    Considering that most browsers allow you to setup this, Vivaldi should have it too! it is a standard procedure, that became since many years a general feature in any browser.

    Please note that this would not mean to open ALL links in a background tab! (as Pesala wrote here above). We need only a right-click-and-go solution to be setup if wished, in the "settings" menu of Vivaldi.

  • In the meantime I discovered that:
    in Vivaldi you can middle-click on a link and it opens in a background tab!

    this is even better than right-click and then choosing "open in a new background tab" in the context menu (as it is usual in Firefox, eg.) .
    I am not used to click the middle button on my mouse (which is a scroll wheel) but if I will get used to it, it is a much better solution than "right-click-context-menu".

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    @horia Ctrl+click is also faster than right-click and context menu, and so is a custom mouse gesture (which any user may create.) All are single-input actions rather than sequential choices.

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    @horia Maybe it's a dodgy mouse, but middle-click rarely works for me. Right-click is the least efficient method, while Ctrl+Click needs two hands. A mouse gesture is by far the best method. Left click should do whatever the site defines, i.e. open in the current tab or open in a new tab.

    • GestureDown over a link opens it in a background tab
    • GestureDown not over a link scrolls to the bottom of the page


  • @claudio super awesome extension. the best one! thanks.

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