Option to Open New Tabs in Background as Default

  • I know there are several ways to open links in background, but I want to simply set it as the default behaviour and not have to use middle click, context menu, or gestures...

  • Tabloc - Chrome Web Store
    Tabloc Options

    open links in background tabs

    URL (regex):


  • That's one of the few features that I'm missing on Vivaldi. Opera 54. lets you change "Open link in new tab" behavior so it always opens it as a background tab. I very rarely need to open link as active new tab so i would be great if the context menu would be customizable. For example give an option to choose between:

    • Open link in new tab (with option to make it by default open in background)
    • Open link in new background tab
    • Open link in new window
    • Open link in new private window
    • Open link

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