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    I found a new use for single-key shortcuts, since I don't use them for spatial navigation. The only ones that I do use sometimes are z and x for back and forward, or 1,2 for previous next tab. I assigned these to open panels (b is already used for the Bookmarks Bar as per my earlier post in this thread).

    • B = Bookmarks Bar
    • b = Bookmarks Panel
    • c = Contacts Panel
    • d = Downloads Panel
    • g = Google Translate Panel
    • m = Mail Panel (When it's ready)
    • n = Notes Panel
    • v = Vivaldi Bug Report Panel
    • V = Vimeo Uploads Panel
    • y = YouTube Panel

  • @wupi:

    Google site search on any webpage.

    I think its more a generic chomium tweak but its useful IMHO.

    Tools > Settings > Search > Add New Search Engine


    Description: Google site search
    Nickname: site (or whatever you want)
    Type site in you addressbar and what you looking for > :woohoo:

    This just results in a blank page for me. (V1.3.551)

  • Trying to make a gestures more logical and memorable, as I think. Here is the picture:


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    Need backup your password?

    activate chrome://flags/#password-import-export then restart
    now open chrome://settings/passwords and export (*.csv) the password list (plain text).

    Import/export works between Chromium based Browser.


  • I've finally managed to optimize for display as a web panel with some custom CSS rules.

    I'm using User CSS, but any custom CSS extension should be capable of doing the same thing.

    In the end, it only took two rules:

    ._4_j5 {
      display: none;
    ._4sp8 {
      min-width: 0;

    The first one turns off the panel on the right side that gives you information about the group you're in. It's fairly superfluous for a panel; if I need it I can always just use the in-facebook version. The second rule removes the min-width attribute and allows the page to compress below a width of 500 pixels.

    Figured I'd post it here because I found it helpful, and Messenger is a fairly common use-case for a panel.

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    @jfmonty2 said in Tips & Tricks:

    The first one turns off the panel on the right side that gives you information about the group you're in.

    You do know that you can show/hide the panel at any time by clicking the "Conversation information" icon in the upper right corner, right? And that Messenger remembers your setting so that you don't need to hide it each time you open the panel? 😁

  • @pafflick Curses! I looked for a setting like that, but (perhaps naively) I was looking in Settings, so I didn't see it.

    Oh well. Custom min-width is still useful so you haven't completely invalidated my clever hack. 😛

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    Bangs With Search Engines

    With DuckDuckGo, if one types an exclamation mark before the URL that one wants to search, one can type a search term afterwards to search the target site for the term.

    For example: ! "white flash" will search the Vivaldi forums for "White Flash".

    Search Results

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    Add your own Page Actions by duplicating any CSS files in:


    Then modify the code to suit your needs. I copied Filter_Sepia.css and edited the background colour to get a different result like this:

    0_1540580793154_Customised Page Actions.png

    These files will be overwritten by updates, so copy your customised style sheets to the \Vivaldi\ folder so that you can easily copy them back again after an update.

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    Assign a shortcut to Search with Selected Text, in Settings, Keyboard, Page. (This is new in recent versions and has no default shortcut. I chose Ctrl+Shift+F) A mouse gesture can also be assigned.

    0_1540581212318_Search with Selected Text.png

    • Select some text
    • Execute the shortcut
    • The text will be searched with your default search engine.

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    Add a Bookmark to Restart Vivaldi.

    • Add a new bookmark on the Bookmarks Bar in the Bookmarks Panel
    • Use the url vivaldi://restart
    • Click the bookmark to restart Vivaldi

    Note that any changes you may have made to Settings are not applied when you take this quick route. To apply changes, use File, Exit, then launch Vivaldi from your desktop shortcut.

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    List Your Uploads

    To find a list of all images you have uploaded to the Vivaldi forums visit this url, replacing "username" with your username, of course.

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    Browsing Local Image Folders

    • First, delete any non image files from the folders like "desktop.ini" as these will interrupt browsing
    • Open File from the file menu
    • Browse to select an image folder
    • Open the first image
    • Press spacebar (or FastForward) to browse through the folder
    • Back will go back to the previous image, but Shift+Spacebar does not seem to work
    • To select a different folder, Ctrl+Left-click in the URL Field to go to the parent folder.

    0_1546018270659_Go to Parent Folder.png

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    What a Load of Fluff!

    I was wary of opening up my mouse in case I got left without a mouse. Today, someone brought a spare mouse, and fixed the old one by removing the accumulated fluff from inside my old mouse.

    • Middle-click now works reliably
    • Fast scrolling with MMB now works

    Don't listen to those who tell you to buy a new mouse. Just open it up and clean out the insides.

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    Resized Images on the Forum

    When you upload an image, if it's a bit too big, it will be resized and converted to a blurry image. Edit the URL, e.g. from


    If you can, always crop images before uploading them to show only the part that is relevant to your topic.

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    Apply change to Native Windows Settings

    To apply changes to the Native Window setting without restarting Vivaldi, right-click on a tab and move it to a new window.

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    Customise Toolbars

    With recent versions one can now drag and drop buttons from the Status Bar to the Navigation Bar by holding the shift key.

    I moved all of the buttons that can be moved to improve accessibility. With the Panels Toolbar hidden, one can quickly access settings by clicking the Sync Icon.

    0_1555096174132_Customised Toolbar.png

    I have plenty of vertical space on my 1200x1600 portrait primary monitor, so I don't need to hide the Status Bar, but a single-key shortcut like S can do that very quickly. The zoom control cannot be moved yet, but one can use the mouse scrollwheel with Control held down.

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    To show the current Vivaldi and Chrome version in the Status Bar enable biscuit mode. Press WinKey+Period, type dog, and enter the dog-face emoji into the Setting dialogue search field: 🐶

    0_1559377431315_Biscuit  Area.png

    0_1559377437963_Version Numbers.png

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    Thanks to MaxKarlErnst who helped me to create this CSS to remove the unwanted image placeholders.

    .selectbox[title="Human"], .selectbox[title="Hot Pink"], .selectbox[title="Subtle"], .selectbox[title="Dark"], .selectbox[title="Blueprint"], .selectbox[title="Beach"], .selectbox[title="Light"], .selectbox[title="Starry Night"], .selectbox[title="Pink Cloud"], .selectbox[title="Jellyfish"], .selectbox[title="Purple Lake"], .selectbox[title="Wave"], .selectbox[title="Desktop Wallpaper"]{
        visibility: collapse;
        width: 0;
        margin: 0;

    My Settings, Start Page tab now looks like this:

    alt text

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    Show Picture-in-Picture on TwitchTV

    1. Create a bookmark for bookmarks bar
    2. Use as URL
      javascript:document.querySelector('div.player-video video').requestPictureInPicture();void(0);
    3. If you are on and need PiP, click the bookmark and video will be shown in PiP popup

    Kudos to @Guilimote (
    and Smaxx {original author}(

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