Option to restore closed tabs in private windows

  • I mean it should work "per private session" =

    • it should be separate list for private sessions
    • it should be wiped after closing last private window.

    It can be limited for example to last closed tab or have for example 1-15 minute(s) retention policy...

    Sometimes I missclick and there is no way to restore tab... It makes me sad 😞

  • @rotfl said in Option to allow restoring closed tabs in private windows:

    Sometimes I missclick and there is no way to restore tab.

    Happens more often than I'd like to admit -.-

  • BTW - if restoring tabs is impossible in Private windows in current V version... why show grayed "trash bin" button anyway?...

  • @rotfl It serves as a useful reminder that the Window is private. If the trash can were removed in Private Windows it might result in more questions and bug reports than the greyed out icon does.

  • Yet another bunch of unrecoverable work...

    Private window is still open / it handles key events / I can open another one and keep all of the sessions / I lost access to all of opened tabs (it is not possible to move tabs from different window into current one)



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    @ROTFL Use Private Windows at your own risk... 😛

    Seriously though, I know the struggle, I use them all the time. But I also know the risk - one wrong move or one bad error (or power outage or whatever), and the whole session is gone. That's why I never let those sessions grow too large (at least not without saving my work first).

    I think what we actually need is a separate, easily disposable and fully recoverable session within the same browser. 😉

  • How about sync private windows content with Vivaldi servers?

    Private windows doesn't really wipe data in the Internet anyway, so keeping copies of private session in the cloud shouldn't make much differences.

  • @pafflick Yup.
    There are different causes why people use private windows. Some people like instant "wipe effect" after closing them but I'm not among them...
    I miss warning before closing window so much. But also same thing could be applied to the tabs 😉

    The different problem is that private window is very fragile in case of UI hangs/crashes. I'd like it to be a bit more reliable.
    Or at least crash recoverable somehow...?

    BTW I discovered yesterday that (despite nobody mentioned it) saving session in private window is now possible.
    It could be used as a lifesaver workaround (if V-team doesn't announce it as a bug and remove this feature).


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