Save sessions from private windows

  • [yup, I understand that cookies / session identifiers / etc will be lost]

    Let users save incognito window sessions.
    This is for emergency situations like requirement for sudden reboot.

    Many users (including me) heavily uses Incognito windows (i mean 30-100 tabs).
    Saving tabs as a bookmarks is not the same.
    For me closing 50 tabs is horror.

    This feature can have warning dialogs or something or some retention policy for safety reasons.
    Or it may require password or anything...

  • Another crash and another lost session...
    This is really annoying that I even can't save what I'm doing when I want...

  • Is it bug or feature?...

    [Context: After yet another UI hang in private window I naively tried to save/restore session from private window... and... it WORKED oO oO oO]

    I just can't believe my eyes and got suspicious 😛

    Can anyone from Sopranos ( @Gwen-Dragon @Ayespy ?) or V-team confirm that it's intended behaviour now?! (2.2.1373.4 x64 @ Win 10 x64)

    PS. yup... I got programmers syndrome... 😉


  • Moderator

    I get no crash for saving and restoring a session in Private with my 2.2.xxxx Soprano.

  • @Gwen-Dragon [Context: I just tried it again after losing my work because of crash]
    Is this some new/unlisted feature or just fixed bug?

    It's mega positive news for me but nobody mentioned about it anywhere...

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    @ROTFL said in Save sessions from private windows:

    Is this some new/unlisted feature or just fixed bug?

    I do not know.

  • If this is a feature it works really strange...

    How it behaves in 2.2.1386.4 Snapshot (Win64 @ Win 10 x64)

    1. Open new private window and then open webpage inside it
    2. Staying in private window save current session selecting "only this window"
    3. Restart V
    4. Open session with selected "open in new window" - it opens in new "normal" window
    5. Restart V
    6. Shift + Ctrl + N / open session from private window with selected "open in new window" - it opens in private window now

    From my point of view this is a bit iconsistent behaviour and hard to understand for users.
    So I suppose that this whole feature is rather a bug... 😞

    @gaelle @OlgaA Sorry for bothering You but can (any of You) ask somebody from team about this?...

  • @ROTFL I've saved a few sessions from private windows since before versions 2.1 and 2.0, and I also think that I may have saved one prior to 1.5 as well.

    Also, you don't need to restart Vivaldi at all, or at least I have never needed to when opening a session that I created while in private mode.

    Opening sessions inside private mode does result in a second private window even though I unchecked the option to open the session in a new window, which is annoying and could be the real bug, if this whole thing is actually a feature.

  • @AltCode [This request is about one year old.]

    I downloaded some random older build (the first one I found was 1.11.917.35), tested this and nope... it didn't work (so this request was valid).
    I also tested it on some newer builds - and surprisingly it works.

    Maybe it was a bug / regression one year ago?...
    But I don't remember anything about this mentioned about this in changelogs.

    Oh... I listed Vivaldi restart just to be sure that we have "clean" state.

    So... to sum up:

    • 😍 It looks like implemented. 😍 It's great but also strange that nobody pointed it out...
    • I have no idea if it was intended to work as it works now.
    • Restoring session from private window in private window is tricky and user unfriendly.
    • I'd be happy if any developer could comment this workflow / behaviour. 😛

  • Anyone?....

    @gaelle Can You maybe ask somebody form dev team if this was a bug/regression or feature?... 😛

  • - Ambassador -

    @ROTFL I can save a session from a Private window in either 2.2 Stable or 2.3 Snapshot. However, when reopened, the session is no longer in a private window.

    The feature request as stated is implemented.

  • @Pesala I can save too but I was surprised that it was changed without any mention in changelogs.

    To reopen session in private window You have to open new private window (Shift + Ctrl + N) and then load session.

    Oh... Vivaldi also ignores unchecked "Open in new window" option.

    So... looking at (non-obvious?) implementation it raises questions if this is a bug/regression now or was it bug/regression before.
    I'd like to hear any official statement.

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