Mouse Gesture Visual Hints

  • This is different to Mouse Gesture Trails which only show the mouse movements.

    In Opera 12.18, Visual Hints show you what will happen with the next movement of the mouse gesture. It is like a Cheat-sheet for Mouse Gestures.

    0_1519976352232_Visual Hints.png

  • I never liked that feature, but I can see that it is useful. So, only as an option please.

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    @caine To me, I'd prefer a kind of cheat sheet like the one for keyboard shortcuts, that way you can quickly look something up.

  • @lonm Well what do you know, there is a keyboard cheat sheet. You learn something new every day 🙂

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    @caine You could even include Mouse Gestures in it, and make it a general shortcut cheat sheet:


    I'm not sure the best way to display them. Probably using "LURD"

  • @caine Fair enough - having it as an option is a good idea!

  • @lonm I suspect that it could be done with either:

    • Geometric Shapes ▲▼◀▶
    • Arrows ↑↓←→

  • @pesala said in Mouse Gesture Visual Hints:

    @lonm I suspect that it could be done with either:

    • Geometric Shapes ▲▼◀▶
    • Arrows ↑↓←→

    This would be also interesting into the setting panel first where you could then also compare the mouse gestures to know which are already used. All mouse gesture extensions have a such summing list. The foxy gesture extension as even a graphic one. Sometimes complex gestures are quite easy with graphical view (try to draw a gamma letter and translate it with arrows for instance...)

    To memorize the gestures myself, I draw mindly a square where every corner is dedicated to a basic and common double function. Drawing a L shape into each corner of the square, reading it from the left to the right or to the right to the left for the inverse function. A square offers then eight possibilities. For example, the bottom right corner is for closing or reopening tabs, the left corner is for historic navigation (next or previous), the bottom left one is for opening new page or bookmark panel.

  • FireGestures in Firefox has something similar, but much more subtle which would fit more users. It just shows the current gesture in the bottom of the screen.


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