Copy text to existing note

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    To the Right-click context menu add posibility for copying new text to existing note.
    Not only Copy to Note. Because, if you want add mulitple texts from page to notes, than create too many new notes.

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    I second this. I wonder how this would be implemented, though, without it being cumbersome.

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    @taka_ I suggest "Copy to selected note". You open the notes panel, select the note you want and in the context menu you should have "Copy to selected note". If no note is selected, it shows "Copy to note".

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    @taka_ I agree that it would be cumbersome to implement.

    If you want to copy text to an existing note it is very easy, without adding any complexity to the interface. If you do use this method, get into the habit of ending notes with a paragraph break.

    • Open the Notes Panel
    • Select the note to which you want to add text.
    • Select the text on the page
    • Drag and drop the text into the note

    0_1528363965269_Copy to Existing Note.png
    It could hardly be made any easier to do from the select text context menu where you would have to a submenu for your notes that would have to update dynamically as notes were added.

    Then the user would still have to navigate to the relevant note and acknowledge the copy operation.

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    I mean something like this (pic below), just right click, and from the context menu select one of the existing notes. Without needed to opening panel, selecting note, and dragging the text into a note.


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    @cheve11e_191 I like the design, but imagine if someone has tons of notes. It might get messy

  • Imagine a students life: A copy/paste bonanza. This could be a lifehack if implemented. A default destination note could perhaps be defined. I might need to write an extension myself then... 😕

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    @ravis One useful aspect of copy to note is that it saves the URL of the page from which the note was copied, so you can always check back later by double-clicking the note. If there was an option to append to the last saved note or the selected note, that cross-reference would not be available for the text added later.

  • @pesala Thanks for pointing that out. When my huge workload flattens out during the winter, I need to look at how I can write my own extension to meet this need. Students are crawling the web searching for resources and I feel confident that a copy to a default(or previous note) would be useful. I'll post here if I reach my goal


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