Multi-Account Containers

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    Oh, i tried to use this web-extension but then i understand that my work require separate service with multi-account advantages

    so now i use gologinapp

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  • The containers addon really needs to be added. I'm basically stuck with Firefox until some other browsers start to use the feature. Containers are NOT a private window and NOT a profile manager, it is so much more and mainly how it functions in the UI.

    You can setup a personal container and a work container for example. Open a tab as personal and visit gmail and you get your personal gmail. Open a tab as work, visit gmail, and you get your work gmail.

    Sites can also be forced to a specific container (tab). So if you directly visit reddit, click a link to reddit, or are directed to reddit the site will load only in the social container.

    Containers can be assigned colors and an icon so by just glancing at your tabs you know which are work, personal, or social.

    IMO containers are hands down the best feature since Chrome landed. At this point I'll need to be paid a hefty sum to move to a browser that does not have containers.

  • I've wondered if Opera starting this feature (they call them workspaces and they're not very feature rich yet) would get this feature prioritized.

  • @keeganwitt

    Oh, nice catch! Good to see the idea spreading.

  • I like this.

  • adding my wish to see this feature on vivaldi, it is probably the last thing that i need on vivaldi to change from firefox to it. I am using vivaldi for many things, mainly media (videos and streams) but i do all the account stuff and real work on firefox because containers really make my life easier and i like the privacy(very important)

  • Very useful feature. A must-have for the modern web.
    (adding my voice to the choir)

  • @scrutinizer said in Multi-Account Containers:

    Very useful feature. A must-have for the modern web.
    (adding my voice to the choir)

    And it sounds all the better. 😃

  • I would really like a facebook container to keep facebook in a box. likewise with google. This is firefox's biggest selling feature.

  • Just adding my "me to", this keeps me from using vivaldi 100% for everything. Trying to use AWS multi-account in the console is a pita without firefox containers.

  • The same for me guys, I keep using Firefox because of this feature.

  • Hello,

    I agree with this subject, I'm still using Firefox in some case just because of this feature. I think it may be very useful in Vivaldi.

  • I am told Chromium architecture makes "containers" difficult if not impossible to implement. I guess sometime ago I saw an extension on the Chrome store that apparently promised the same features but it looked like you needed to pay a fee for it so I moved on. I don't know but in my opinion there are two really needed features, one is content filtering capability (not to be confused with "ads blocking") and isolation in some sort of "container". If remotely possible, I think this should be explored.

  • @JohnConnorBear cent browser, that developed by one man, have container tabs feature.

    The same can be done by opening tabs of different users in the same browser window. I suppose it is not difficult for developers, especially with a custom browser UI. For each profile developers can add settings for auto-deleting cookies and other privacy features, that will be integrated into the functionality of the built-in ad blocker, for example.

  • Container tab it one of the best feature of firefox and i really love that could be implemented in Vivaldi too

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