Multi-Account Containers

  • This is one of the main things keeping me coming back to Firefox at the moment. Cookie / storage isolation options would go a long way towards courting the privacy crowd!

  • Just downloaded Vivaldi v2 and was surprised to see that multiple profiles or containers weren't supported. I'll probably end up sticking with Firefox for now.

    Here's the issue--I need to have multiple unique sessions open (e.g., separate logins to Amazon, Google, Azure, etc.), because I work in multiple client environments. I also want to keep work sessions separate from personal sessions, and often want to keep personal things separated (e.g., general browsing from social media for privacy/tracking purposes). There are three major approaches to this.

    Firefox uses containers. Containers separate cookies, history, etc. from each other, and each container can have multiple tabs open simultaneously. I can also have tabs from different containers open side-by-side. This is very flexible and convenient, with the drawback being that it can get a little cluttered and I have to make a conscious decision to open a container tab (unless I predefine domain rules, which isn't always possible, esp. if I'm trying to have different sessions on the same domain). Overall, I prefer this approach.

    Chrome/Chromium uses People (profiles). Each one has a dedicated window, and tabs open within that window share that context for cookies, history, etc. This goes a step further, since it's a separate user profile, and allows different browser settings and extensions per Person. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on your needs. It's convenient in that once you open a window in a given profile, you can open/close tabs as needed and everything just stays within that context. On the other hand, maintaining separate profiles is a pain, especially when it comes to settings and extensions, and you don't really get the flexible privacy benefits that you do with containers.

    Finally, and this is the only officially supported Vivaldi option with a UI, there's private browsing. This is the least flexible and convenient option. Extensions aren't on by default, session is still shared between tabs/windows (when they're open at the same time), and I can only work within a single context at a time. With any new private session, it's starting from scratch, so there's no possibility of preserving auth cookies, history, etc. Private browsing is useful, but it's not the best tool for this.

    Hoping that full support for at least the Firefox or Chromium methods is on the roadmap.

  • having used it in Firefox, it's a must have! One window, different cookie set for tabs

  • Hey just wanted to say that I have to keep a copy of Firefox installed even though I use Vivaldi as my main browser, so I really would love to see an implementation of this feature.

  • @Plaer1 @sirber @bsakowski @_emmyemi
    since the last snapshot you can use multiple profiles, see here
    the feature isn't finally polished but you can use it

  • @derday Yes, tried that, but the usability of it is exceptionally poor since it's not integrated into the UI, falling back to Chromium settings instead and relying on settings URL (or hacking with Automator) for access.

    I still find it surprising that with all of the other power user oriented features that this hasn't been a higher priority. And when Chromium/Chrome offers this natively, why not simply surface it in Vivaldi's UI? Note that profiles and "Multi-Account Containers" are not the same thing.

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    This feature request would be really nice to have but is quite tough to implement.

  • @bsakowski You get it to the dot. I see you have been tinkering with this for a while.

    I know Vivaldi depends on Chromium and as far as my understanding goes, Chromium core limitation are Vivaldis core limitations as well. With that said, given the control Brave Browser team achieved over ads, scripts, cookies, fingerprint blocking, etc that perhaps Multi-Account Containers or as close as possible to Multi-Account Container can be implemented for Vivaldi in the future.

  • @gaelle True. If successfully achieve it would place Vivaldi at a whole new level of its own. Personally, I would have no need for any other browser other than for technical stuff. I'm sure the same would apply for many more.

  • Having this feature would make you my go-to browser, for work this feature is a must. So until you do, Firefox it is....

  • I would love this feature, too.

    My current workaround is to keep two separate instances of Vivaldi with separate profiles, using the --user-data-dir= command-line option.

    This is not ideal, of course, because there is zero communication between the two instances except through Sync.

  • whats the difference to "private tabs" where each tab get its own cookies?

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    @schreck With this feature, specific pages would automatically get put in a separate context, instead of a private window where you manually have to open one each time.

  • Ultimately, this feature needs to have a place in the "Vivaldi agenda". If you ask me, Mozilla came up with one of the most privacy relevant yet most user-friendly features of all time in browsing with this extention. Sure, you could customise, program something like this by and for yourself or use a 3rd. party product. But is this going to work for 98% of users and would that be an efficent and native solution? Nope.

    I've added this thread to my watchlist.

  • I just installed the sessionbox extension from the chrome webstore into vivaldi-snapshot. Works great!

  • @brucknerawalter BTW: sessionbox does NOT work in opera(-developer)

  • I know you can now create new profiles to kinda get around this problem but this would still be really good to implement, I have tried creating new profiles but find it just does not work as well as multi containers in firefox.

    I have my Vivaldi set how I like it. I don't want to have to keep importing settings to achieve the look and feel I need. Firefox it still is I'm afraid.

  • This here is honestly the only thing preventing me from switching from Firefox to Vivaldi as my main browser. Until this is done, it will remain my secondary. Once the mobile beta released, that solved 1 or my 2 main problems with Vivaldi. However, an iOS/iPadOS app would be really nice too, even though it'd just be webkit, it could be basic but just allow tab syncing and stuff.

  • I just discovered Containers on Firefox. Currently after using Vivaldi since it's official release, I switched to Firefox. I don't want to use Firefox since in all other aspects, it is a lesser browser, but having each domain in it's own container is just what I need from a privacy perspective.

    I really hope a feature like this will also be implemented in Vivaldi.

  • Oh, i tried to use this web-extension but then i understand that my work require separate service with multi-account advantages

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