Add Protocol Handler to Settings

  • When trying to diagnosis why Roblox's protocol wasn't being recognized (within Vivaldi) I realized there is no way to add custom handlers.

  • I just realized that protocol handler is also needed for things like webmail management for mailto links.

    For example, or offer to register themself as the default handler for mailto links, but only when visited using Chrome for the moment, not working with Vivaldi.
    It would be be super useful to be able to click on a mailto: link and be redirected to our usual webmail! Ex: this or this.

    It should be more that a setting though, but a symbol appearing in the url bar (like Chrome) when such handler management is requested by a site.

    If you want to get more votes on this:
    I suggest to rename this post so that users have a concrete example of what this means, and mailto links may be the easiest and most common way for that 😉
    Maybe "Add Protocol Handler to Settings (needed for mailto: redirection to webmail)" ?

  • @guilimote Do you know how to get more attention on this post?
    I really need this feature for setting as my mailto handler.

  • some changes can be done with chrome://settings/handlers but a native function will be better 😛

  • @hadden89 but how to add a handler there?

  • @burnout426 but that is a windows solution, not a Mac solution.

    Anyone know a workaround for Mac, to set the mailto handler to Vivaldi, instead of another browser??

    It might be good to change the Title of this Post, to be: Add Mailto Handler Functionality.

    This is my only real big complaint with Vivaldi. I can't even change the mail handler to be the built in Webmail that Vivaldi has launched. So why not add this feature?? Let's get more upvotes....

  • @justintaylor said in Add Protocol Handler to Settings:

    I can't even change the mail handler to be the built in Webmail that Vivaldi has launched.

    You can do this manually for Vivaldi. It should work on Linux and Mac too.

    You have to add the following JSON to the root object in Vivaldi's preferences file.

    custom_handlers: {
       "enabled" : true,
       "ignored_protocol_handlers" : [],
       "registered_protocol_handlers" : [
             "default" : true,
             "protocol" : "mailto",
             "url" : ""

    Then, start Vivaldi, goto chrome://settings/handlers to see the handler, click the 3 dots next to it and choose "set as default". Then, clicking on links on web pages in Vivaldi should open

    That might even do something on Mac to handle mailto links outside of Opera. If not though, you'd have to research how to set the program of your choice as the default mail client on Mac. Then, even mailto links outside of Vivaldi should launch Vivaldi and goto

    Of course, we still shouldn't have to jump through hoops to do this, especially when has a register link in "settings -> User Interface -> Browser Options".


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